Price: $5.90
Cheesecake filled with fresh apple jam and cream cheese, topped with crumble and based with roasted biscuit crumbs! Base is buttery with flavour on its own. Apples are sweet with a slight tang that reduces the thickness and heaviness of the cream cheese! Great pairing! Overall: 8.5/10

Price: $7.90
Filled with durian (mao shan wang) cream cheese and durian sponge cake! Smooth texture, crust is fragrant and crispy. Durian taste is strong, especially in the middle. Does not have strong cheesy taste and smell. However, it is quite pricey for the size... Overall: 7.5/10

Price: $13.90
Generally, quite nice tasting! Comes with pieces of meat and pickles. Amount of noodles and meat was a little less but still acceptable. However, the sauce was a little bland with only a very strong taste and scent of sesame oil. Overall: 6.5/10

Price: $15.90
Quite delicious with various ingredients: toppoki, spam, sausage, enoki mushrooms and CHEESE! Taste was generally good. However, the amount of ingredients was a bit little with only very thin slices of toppoki and spam. Would have prefer thicker ingredients. A hearty soup for the meal! Overall: 7/10

Price: $10.90
Fried chicken was nicely fried, crispy with the sauce over it even after a while. Toppoki was crispy too. Amount was perfect for the price.
However, there was only a few pieces of toppoki and more chicken. It was also not spicy but mainly only sweet. Overall: 8/10

O.P: $5, Add-on to Main: $3
Good fat-to-meat ratio. Sauce is appetising but slightly salty. Meat cube melts in your mouth! Overall: 8.5/10

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Price: $11.90
There is a BIG piece of chicken confit, tender but a tad bit salty. Noodles are nice and chewy. Broth is light but slightly oily. Overall: 7/10

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Price: $11.90
Noodles are chewy with a lot of melted mozzarella cheese above. There are many slices of chashiu meat below. Chashiu slices are soft and tender, but the cheese are slightly burnt, with a very strong burnt taste when eaten. Will be slightly jelat after eating about half. Overall: 7.5/10

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It consists of sourdough bread, bacon, potato croquette, mushrooms, sausage and an egg of your choice (scrambled, sunny side, poached). Portion of food was big and very delicious! All parts of the breakfast was well made and will definitely visit again! Although it was a little hard to find the place, but the ambience there was good!

It consists of shredded smoked chicken, cheese, scrambled eggs and sauces. Tastes veryyyyy good! The toast is so crispy and crunchy! Price was very reasonable at $5.50. Will definitely buy again and try the other flavours!! 😋😋

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