Quite large but the arvos were abit hard. Nice variety and quite cheap. Place abit small esp during this period.


Fried chicken with waffle and the burger. Food was good with okay portions.
Food 4/5
Portions 3/5

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I loved the soft Brie. It was so creamy and mild tasting. The shaved cheese was great too. I like that it wasn’t filling and small bites. The blue cheese was sooo good as well. I loved that they added the walnuts and dried fruits too. Maybe could have given more

Small portion but was pretty good. Can ask for butter

I felt each plate was good for about 2-3 people ? You can judge by yourself from photos

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It was okay. I would give it a pass compared to their other items

Hugeeee portions. I love their sauces but in the end I eat most of them without cos it was just that good

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It was sooooo good. They use blue cheese for that extra little kick

When the waitress came I thought she brought me a meringue but it was my pasta. It was really quite small. I recommend the beef lasagna instead. I was still hungry afterwards but maybe cos I fat...