yummy but a bit pricey and vv sweet

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don’t get this if you’re not a fan of olives haha the sauce was pretty flavorful and the fish skin was crisp but some parts of the fish might be a little dry :(

tried the pepperoni and pulled pork pizza!! both were really good and packed with flavors and the dough was nice and chewy too πŸ’―πŸ˜‹ the beer battered whitebait was good too!! will definitely be back to try the rest of the menu πŸ€ͺ

big pan breakfast - very huge portions good for sharing between 2 ppl! a nice variety hehe the avocado was my fav overall a decent hearty breakfast but nth too special

soft shell chili crab linguine - really tasty and the chili was hot but so good and the soft shell crab is really yummy would definitely recommend this dish!!

atas kaya toast - very interesting take on kaya toast haha wld say it was p good overall except maybe the toast cld hv been a bit more crisp

avocado shake was not bad i hv a sweet tooth tho so when the gula part ran out it became a bit bland

matcha latte - good stuff hehe

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nothing special about the pancakes, just get the crispy french toast you won’t regret!!

i loved it!! the bulgogi is marinated really well and very flavorful hehe the bread below was nice and soft and buttery and didn’t get soggy!

brownie wasn’t great.. a bit too dry n not fudgy enough :( waffle was ok like standard ah then for ice cream flavors DON’T GET TIRAMISU it tasted like frozen coffee/slushie yikes but the rest of the flavors i got were gd! (white forest, litchi raspberry and dark choc)

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sorry no taste review but this is what it looks like!!


no taste review sorry but this is what it looks like!


no taste review sorry but just an idea of what it looks like haha