in love with this place!! every single dish was bursting with flavors i was mind blown!! got the 5 course set menu which included corn on the cob, pork quesadilla and the mexican rice with grilled chicken, all of which were really good!! also tried the beef quesadilla and the white button mushroom pasta in white wine sauce which were both really good too πŸ’―

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good stuff!! highly recommend getting the mafalde pasta w pink sauce!! also got the smoked duck n sous vide egg n added chili flakes, extra virgin olive oil n grated parmesan cheese for extra flavors n texture πŸ’―

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paid $6.80 for 1-1 drinks so q a steal but nothing spectacular abt these drinks the chendol was a bit too sweet n the green jelly cldnt rlly come up the straw even tho it was the big bbt straw so u end up w no drink left n lots of green jelly n red bean sobs n the matcha was p mild n not the most authentic so

love stopping by this place bc the owner is such a lovely lady n they have free samples for their eggless crunchy cookies hehe i think their best flavors are cornflakes, gula melaka and peanut butter ☺️

not bad for the price after 1-1 !! fried batter was good and not too oily πŸ˜‹

pretty decent tiramisu but would have liked a little stronger alcoholic flavor

Hazelnut crusted angus bone in short rib
~ absolutely loved this the meat was super well seasoned and it was so perfectly soft and tender!! the garlic and hazelnuts complimented the meat so well i went to heaven eating this

Everything else on this set menu was also really tasty!! πŸ’―πŸ’―πŸ’―

nothing spectacular, wouldn’t recommend getting this πŸ₯΄

this tart is by far one of the best i’ve ever had!!!! ITS A MUST GET πŸ’―πŸ’―πŸ’―