Just minus the saucy tomato base, I believe this is a new dish on their menu- chicken chorizo with sous vide egg, roasted potatoes and button mushrooms. I spotted garlic chips and spring onion in it which is why the dish tasted more Asian fusion than Western. Overall a pleasant combination! Oh and I loved the multi-grain toasts .

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Classic must have dish for a complete brunch experience! Crispy on the outside and fluffy on the inside, the toasts were light and easy to digest! (Most are too starchy for me) The crystallizing of sugar on the outside also added a crunch to the finishing touch and surprisingly it wasn't overly sweet. Yums!

Went to the newly renovated outlet at mandarin gallery but I would say I'm pretty disappointed with the food. The ambience and setting is good but it's overpriced. The Tunisian all day breakfast (Sizzling Pan of spicy shakshouka studded with chorizo sausage crowned with 2 fried eggs) was wild honey's signature dish but it went really wrong. In the past they serve this with their brioche bread, not sure why I was served with 2 pieces of naan instead. The stew was runny, almost watery and diluted. Service was pretty slow and crews weren't attentive enough. It's only a fancy place to go for it's ambience.

couldn't rmb the price but you should eat them when you're in Japan (Hokkaido) because they are huge, fresh and cheap!

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feeling adventurous today and decided to give this avocado flavored donut a try. yes avocado!!! long gone the days where donuts were made with a hole in the centre. J co's donuts are well known for their generosity with the fillings without being overly sweet (comparing to Krispy kremes) the taste of avocado wasn't too overpowering as the chocolate shaves at the side helps neutralise it. overall a must try! It's super addictive~


I couldn't remember the exact pricing but it was below $6. The taiyaki is available without the soft serve/ toppings at $2.20/pc. There are a few choices for the fillings (chocolate/custard/ azuki beans/ strawberry If I'm not wrong). This is one of the best Taiyaki I've tried in Singapore. They were generous with the filling and it wasn't too sweet. The texture of the pancake is crispy on the outside, mochi-like on the inside and best eaten when hot! Worth trying albeit overpriced.

wanted to try their big breakfast ($15) but it was sold out at 14:45. Penne alla vodka is cooked in creamy tomato sauce vodka infused accompanied with garlic-laden penne, 4 bouncy prawns, sliced onion and cherry tomatoes . Overall a good combi, apart from the Penne being a little too soggy (I prefer mine al dente/hard) I really enjoyed this dish. Will return for their PBJ French toast! Can't wait~

and so..... I made it here for lunch! thanks to one of our fellow tastemaker, I got to know that the chef will be implementing a new menu so this BRB Pancakes ($8/single, $12/double) will no longer be available. (Today is the last day they'd be serving this darling) Boo :( it's indeed worth the trip down and I'm lucky that I managed to savor this! Think fluffy, buttery pancakes filled with blueberries, ricotta cheese and bacons on the top. It is really sinful but who cares! Price is nett, no GST or service charge so it's a free seating/order at the counter kinda concept. Can't wait for the launch of their new menu since they mention to me it's sort of an "upgrade" :)

My favourite Korean bbq joint, Wang Dae Bak never fails to satisfy with its spread of perfectly marinated meats, refreshing banchan side dishes and signature liquid egg poured from a teapot straight into the semi-circular hotplate moulds to form slightly sweetish yet delicate egg cakes that I can't get enough of. Best accompanied with a bottle of Chum Churum soju and in the company of good friends.