AMADAI (a type of Tai, so it's part of the Sea Bream family and has a watery flesh) on Ume mash with Heirloom Carrots and Firefly Squid.

Really dig the crispy (fried?) scales on the Amadai. Well seasoned succulent flesh.

Petite 5 cause owner is a Thai. Jackfruit popsicle (very interesting!), blackout sesame, peanut butter on rice crisp, dark chocolate tart and Indon Brown Sugar caneles. I didn’t like the vanilla dessert, so this is the Perfect sweet ending to the dinner.

1/4 of Snacks. Flavor bomb. My first savory meringue with the oceany-briney caviar. OMG YUMS

Love it! So savory, crispy crust with fluffy crumb.

Very flavorful, I really enjoyed the texture and chew of the duck meat

Beautiful marbling, wonderful flavor of the creamy beef fats and beef meat

Part of their AVENTURE (7 Acts). surprising! so creamy and yet the oyster’s flavor was very delectable and prominent 👍🏼

Finally trying Zazz, last day before CB 2 and at their current location before they move. Wanted to try Burrata Parma, but their out of Burrata so we had half-&-half, 4 cheeses and Parma. Both flavors are good, we both prefer the the 4 cheeses. Yums!

Technically not coffee, but it has a shot of espresso in it. Matcha game is strong, I prefer this over their cappuccino

Not bad..... would prefer my coffee stronger though. Nice place with nice ambience, dig their onsen vibe

Just come. If you like good, strong coffees with character and heart, just come or order online. Their long black, cappuccino, dirty and white widow are ALL GOOD. Plus they’re a funny and friendly bunch.

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My morning transcended from great to awesome with this tasting flight.

What a marvelous combination of good beans, skilled preparation, hippy place and hearty interaction.

Pop in, enjoy a cuppa as friendly Bob and team chat with you and share about the coffees and the well-thought-through space.