An Oat Chai ($7) and a White ($5.50).

There’s a shared dining space between Glass Roasters and the neighbouring ice cream place. It was not open for seating when we came around 11am-12pm.

The chai was good, not too sweet and spicy enough. Could be more spicy for my preference.

Service was meh.

we had one hot ($6.50) and one cold chocolate ($7) for the 1 for 1. it was not prepared fresh and the drink was microwaved to be hot, which was slightly disappointing. the cold chocolate was not completely smooth and has many gritty chocolate bits that were not pleasant.

One roll can be sliced into five slices. It has to be frozen, and the texture is like an ice-cream cake (?) Quite nice! Cake retained some softness even after taking out of the freezer. $10.90 for 2 rolls with the deal.

had the large oat milk flat white ($9) and my friend had the cold brew red ($8). was decent, slightly pricey if we paid the full price, but alright with the deal.

we waited 5-10 min for a seat, and there was a queue afterwards so we didnt feel like we could stay for long.

Got the pecan pie, smores, lemon strawberry meringue, and some banana pie. I had the latter two and they were delicious! Paid around $15 for all four using Burpple Beyond so it was very affordable.