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YAMMY Milk Tea 🍠 fragrant much! The taro Milk was way better than the oolong pudding milk tea. We had it without sugar - somehow the yammy fragrance was a lot more pronounced this way! It wasn’t bland at all!
Oolong Pudding Milk Tea Located in a rather secluded corner of the HDB enclave, this place serves decent teas. Wouldn’t say it’s exceptional - tastes like any other oolong milk tea tbh. I like the combi with pudding - it gives a nice texture in the mouth. The consistency of the pudding was just nice - not too hard (like nate de coco), not too soft (like soya beancurd) Great deal with Burpple beyond!
Pi Pa Gao Oolong Tea ($3.50) with White Pearls (+$0.50), Double Pearls Brown Sugar Milk Tea ($3.80). 1-for-1 with #burpplebeyond! Hidden at Blk 125 Bukit Merah Lane which occupies just half shop space, Moocha can be described as a small and simple bubble tea shop with no fanciful interior design, in fact there’s only a sign hanging on the wall written Moocha in Chinese calligraphy. On a rainy afternoon, I asked for a hot Pi Pa Gao Oolong Tea with an additional white pearls topping. The familiar cooling minty flavour was soothing to the throat but didn’t quite blend well with oolong tea which was bitter. The white pearls were a disappointment as they just felt like some soggy starchy balls. What came as a shock was the double pearls brown sugar milk tea; I mean, brown sugar milk tea these days meant the brown sugar streaks on the wall of the cup but I guess it’s entirely different here. It appeared as a cup of normal milk tea but the taste of brown sugar was evident. Good save there, though aesthetically suspicious. Again the double pearls had white pearls with a mix of the black ones, which were way better in terms of chewiness though tended to the firmer side.
Miss Ha
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The M Plot - 1 Big Macaron + Tea Had the Chocolate Mango Mouse and Raspberry Rose Lychee Macaron part of the Burpple 1 for 1 deals. For the tea, got the Earl Grey and Berry Tea. Overall, The Chocolate Mango Mouse was unique and interesting, definitely a taste for the chocolate lovers, 7.5/10. The Raspberry Rose Lychee Macaron similarly had a unique taste with the hint of lychee flavouring going very well with the raspberries, 9/10. The teas in general were very fragrant and nice to go along with the desserts, definitely recommend the Earl Grey. Overall the ambience of the place was nice and quiet. Despite going on a weekend, it still turned out to be quiet and very relaxing.
Box Of 6 Macarons ($20) The macarons here are of unique flavours and aren’t too sweet too. They’re always good to have when needing a sweet treat after a long day 😌 I got salted egg with curry, Thai tea, dark chocolate, pistachio, white chocolate lychee and salted caramel.
My secret indulgent food is dessert. Well, maybe not really a secret since half the time I’m posting about sweets. Arrays of these beautiful macarons that are just begging to eat, greet us when we push open the door to @the_m_plot. But big macarons caught our attention with flavours like Raspberry Lychee Rose & Chocolate Hazelnut Praline. The light floral fragrance from rose and lychee infused ganache complements the tangy raspberries! Raspberry Lychee Rose was a harmonious marriage of decadent flavour but Chocolate Hazelnut Praline was pretty well-balanced too. P.S: we managed to save with #burpplebeyond. Two big macarons along with two pot of hot tea at $13.50, it’s a super great deal! Check out my previous post to join in the giveaway for Burpple Beyond annual membership~ The M Plot Address: 9 King Albert Park, Unit 01-05 KAP, Singapore 598332 #Th_M_Plot #bigmacaron
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