The boss has a very bad attitude and super unprofessional. Accused me of stepping on his sofa which I didn't. Moreover he was unapologetic. So if you wanna go, please avoid the sofa at all costs, in case his imaginary self would think that you did something to it. Btw, coffee 5/10. The Rough Guys Coffee down the road serves way better coffee. They are also on burpple beyond by the way!


Their mochi are as plain as (if not tasteless) their unlabeled cups. Luckily I’ve got the 1 for 1 deal from Chope birthday promo. Totally not worth paying full price. I would rather go to Rochor Beancurd to get my soya fix.

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So apparently all the 1 for 1 deals are for WEEKDAYS ONLY DO TAKE NOTE. There’s one deal that doesn’t state weekday so we thought it’s applicable for weekends. Came all the way and couldn’t use any of the burpple deals. Real bummer.

Burpple 1 for 1 deal supposed to be half waffle with 1 scoop of ice cream. The staff said that it was not the case. She said the deal is 1 waffle with 1 scoop of ice cream. We paid $14.20 for 1 waffle and 2 premium scoops of ice cream. So in the end I don’t think we are getting any 1 for 1 deal. Very confusing. Get it fixed guys!


Oh the egg Ben was so good! It’s something different from what we usually get from other cafes. Must try! But the flat white was such a let down, way too much milk, at $5.90 price point I was expecting some decent latte art and standard at least. Unfortunately I couldn’t even finish it. Total cost $21.80 after burpple beyond 1 for 1 redemption. Pretty good deal!

$24 for 2 bowls of pho (beef is better than pork belly) and 2 sides using burpple beyond 1 for 1. Not the best pho that we had though. Thumbs up for the sesame crackers with pulled pork.

Small cafe with big flavors! Love their sourdough Philly cheesesteak and decent flatwhite! Will be back to try their waffle ice cream!


Pretty good and huge portion! Totally worth it for burpple 1-for-1 and it comes with soup of the day!

I was rather skeptical when I read the recent reviews about their queue system and pastries were sold out fast. But decided to take the chance to visit on a Thursday afternoon. Yes there was indeed a queue, but it was fast moving. We got a table in less than 20mins. Most pastries were sold out by noon but we managed to get the peanut chocolate tart and the breakfast set. Saw some cupcakes and brownies on the display though. A buzzer was given upon payment and we got the breakfast set within 10mins of wait. Love the fluffy kaya bun and peanut tart! Should’ve ordered more! (note: you will need to join the queue again if you decided to order more stuff) overall it was a pleasant and nostalgic experience. Definitely worth a visit unlike what others said! Cut them some slack since they just reopened!

I was blown away by the welcoming staff, the beautiful interior of the cafe and a nice surprise latte art which I couldn’t bear to drink. Their iced tea and citron tart were refreshing and I personally love their hojicha latte! Guess I am gonna visit this cafe again to try their food. It’s a cafe that you wouldn’t wanna miss when you are in Joo Chiat!

We came here for their coffee a few times but finally get to try their food and they did not disappoint! Love their rosti! Paired so well with the Cajun chicken. Great service and coffee too!

Wow just wow! Found this hidden gem on burpple beyond to satisfy my viet food cravings! The bun bo hue was so close to what I had in Vietnam and the banh knot was so crispy and delicious! We will definitely be back again to try other stuff! Service was great but the food smell is very strong. Btw, there’s no service and gst charge.

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