A no-brainer choice thanks to the plenty of raves online. Was surprised to find smooth, flaky Haddock beneath the crispy batter. Nice combination of subtle sweetness and savoury crunchy batter. Squeeze some lime to cut through the greasiness of the fried batter and you’re good to go. I’m not a fan of peas, so the mushy peas didn’t appeal much to me but I did find it fresh and sweet. Worth every single buck and definitely on the top of my list for favourite fish and chips.


Crispy outside airy inside, the waffle goes well with the ice cream. I personally found the waffle a tiny bit dry but can easily be overlooked with the ice cream. Artisanal chocolate is okay, but the lychee ice cream definitely steals the spotlight here. Even though it’s a tad sweet for my liking, the lychee ice cream is refreshing (as its name suggests!) and bold in flavour. The lychee ice cream may be leaning towards the icy side but that’s expected when making ice cream from some fruits like lychee.


Was expecting a super sweet note from the cookie dough ice cream but was pleasantly surprised by the aromatic hazelnut flavour. Also enjoy the “soggy” cookie dough bits in the ice cream more than I thought I would. Their black sesame is my favourite- strong flavour with a bit of grainy sesame texture. Don’t think they make the best combo in terms of flavours but definitely recommend ordering them separately!


My favourite since my first visit to Esquina. Yeap, it doesn’t come with typical skillet but imo that’s what makes it great. Rice is cooked just nice with just the right ratio of rice and crispy bits. Dollops of bafun uni and saffron allioli help to coat the rice with creamy sweetness and umami. Seriously cannot get tired of this dish!

The dish that shook almost everyone on the table. Spanish omelette is made of egg and potatoes and is usually served at room temperature. Esquina’s rendition comes with yellow caviar, spring onion and dollops of cream. The biggest surprise comes from the crust hidden at the bottom of each omelette. Hefty price tag for a small bite but my lunch companion orders another round of this. Imho it’s good but not enough for me to justfiy the price tag. Unlikely to order this again (unless I return with the same group 😂)

P.S. No typo- the menu spells omelette with 1 t.

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Esquina’s thyme & onion bread hasn’t changed a bit since I last tried. Soft and buttery inside with crisp and sufficiently flaky outer layer. Comes with a generous dollop of red pepper butter. It has a nice tinge of smokiness but wish it were stronger. Still a nice starter that I’d gladly order again.

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Love the mix of charred and gooey bits, but the spotlight is definitely the super fresh and plump oysters. I’m still not a 100% fan of the gooey bits cos it can get a bit jelak at times, but overall it’s still delish. The only letdown is the watery bland-tasting chilli— not sure if that’s the norm or we caught them on a bad day. Will return if in the area!


A new gem in Kebun Bahru Food Market! Not usually a big fan of bi tai mak (老鼠粉) but ordered this nonetheless since the stall name is that 😂 We tried both dry mushroom minced pork and soup (Johor bi tai mak) version and the dry one is a winner for us. The dry bowl comes with generous amount of minced meat, fishball and fishcakes. Give it a good toss, and you can taste the mix of sweet, savoury and tangy kicks from their in-house sauce and chilli. The minced meat is leaning more towards the sweet notes- different than most minced meat noodle stalls’ rendition- but I find it a refreshing change. There’s a constant line of people for this stall, so be prepared to wait for a bit!

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Dropped by Song Kee’s not-so-new outlet along Yio Chu Kang Road since it’s on our way home (and also to reward ourselves for walking under the sun a bit for a good cause!). Ordered 1 medium and 1 small to get the most of the ingredients and kinda regretted because we should have picked the large bowl for the most number of ingredients! Not a big fan of their noodle cos it’s a tad soft, but the fish-based ingredients are so sooo goood. Their handmade fish dumplings steal the spotlight and our hearts. Unlike the usual white skin, theirs have transluscent skin (thanks to the tapioca flour) but more importantly, it’s filled so generously with fish meat. This is, by far, the best her giao I’ve tried. Do take note that the fish roll is only available if you order medium and large bowls. Definitely will return soon because even le bf, who usually scorns fishball noodle, always suggests Song Kee for our Saturday brunch!

Finally visited this much-talked-about prata shop in the east on our day off. Waited for around 30 mins on a weekday afternoon just before the lunch crowd hit. The highlight of our order is the egg prata as you can really taste the thick layer of egg within. Other than that, the coin prata is worth ordering too, but the plain prata is mediocre at best. The biggest disappointment is the “curry” that comes with our order. It’s a mix of dhal and (what I guess is) chicken curry, which I don’t mind, but the taste is so bland I rather have the prata plain. I actually requested for fish curry but they didn’t serve me that. A few days ago I saw someone posted about similar experience and suggested getting the mutton curry instead (maybe next time!). And yes, another unpopular opinion but I definitely won’t travel nor queue for this.

Decided to queue for this stall because all other stalls that I wanted to try are closed on Tuesdays. I am pleasantly surprised by how gooood this bowl of fish soup is and yet didn’t hear much about this stall when reading through “best food in whampoa” or “best fish soup in Singapore” articles. The white beehoon itself is very smooth and a tiny bit smaller than the usual ones, but of course, the star has to be the fish. We both prefer the fried fish— fried till crispy outside yet the meat is tender (and not mushy). The white fish is nothing special but still enjoyable. Added milk to the soup to get a more creamy taste profile and I’m so happy that the milk doesn’t overpower the original soup flavour. This is one of the best fish soup I’ve tried because each component is done well. What a hidden gem!

Found this hidden gem with really nice her giao (fish dumpling) and meatball! The meepok is satisfyingly QQ and thoroughly coated in lard and in-house-made chilli sauce. Chilli was lacking the spicy kick so I added more chilli padi. Her giao is one of the best I’ve tried. It comes with slippery skin while its filling leans more on the peppery side. What surprises me the most is the handmade meatball as it’s so flavourful thanks to the mix of pork and fish meat. This is gonna be a regular visit for the unforeseeable future.

Please note the stall has moved to 574 Ang Mo Kio Ave 10.