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Aglio olio is a simple dish that most people can hardly execute well, but Le Coq is not most people. I love how smokey and garlicky this dish is, although it is definitely not for the purists. Loaded with mushroom to give an earthy note, the angel hair pasta was addictive and a lil spicy.


Though a tad clumpy (cos it was sitting for a while), the cold somen was refreshing even after all the feast that we had earlier. The truffle aroma might come across too strong but was surprisingly not overwhelming in flavour. Enjoyed this more than I expected.


Uni was decently fresh and creamy, which is quite hard to get in most places. Hardly can go wrong with the burst of umami on a slightly crispy toast.

The combination of crabsticks, Japanese mayo, tobiko and chives is indeed fail-proof and addictive. Rice cracker was as thin as paper, but firm enough to hold the "dips" together. This makes a very appetising starter.

Really love the thick broth here! But what I love the most is how customisable everything is- from the choice of pork (sliced pork or pork belly) to the amount of chilli (even for the original broth!). Go for the pork belly because it’s super tender and well-marinated. I went all out with the amount of garlic too and boy, it just made the broth even better. Although their rendition of beansprouts is not as nice as Keisuke’s, they make it up by providing yutaka takana (spicy preserved mustard leaves).


Have been wanting to try this place but could never get enough people to go for dinner together. Really like the idea of lunch set where I can get a balance amount of veggie, meat, fruits and soup. Firecracker chicken was nicely done - crispy chicken chunks with a tinge of numb sensation. My only gripe was too many cashews (i know this is such a good problem right). Other than that, I also love the stiry fry kale with garlic.Didn’t know that adding lemon juice to help elevate the flavour of the kale. Price is rather steep for regular visits.


My first time trying this again after so long! Love the Royal Ai Yu Jelly loaded with 3 different types of beans and lotus seeds. I usually hate lotus seeds cos they can get quite hard to bite, but these were tender and easily disintegrated. It was not too sweet either and the creamer helped to gel all the different ingredients together. Will definitely be back for this refreshing treat!

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A refreshing dessert to end your meal with. The sour punch was pleasant and far from being overwhelming. Could have done with less meringue.

One word to describe this: addictive! It's akin to eating deep fried banana fritter with bread-like texture. The espresso butter surprisingly went really well with the bread and it helped to cut through the sweetness of the dessert. Decadent and lovely.


Lemon chicken wasn't exactly my thing but this turned out alright for me. The skin was crispy and the lemon sauce was more refreshing than it was overwhelmingly sweet. I found it a bit hard to enjoy the quinoa with the chicken because I can only imagine rice or fries (or mashed potato) to go with it. Another gripe will be the chicken meat that turned out pretty dry.

Who doesn't love fluffy pancakes for brekkie? Jones' pancake came with a substantial amount of whipped Greek yogurt- not too sour nor too sweet, and dollops of blueberry compote. Classic combination but still comforting nonetheless. With all the different nuts and seeds on top, this is indeed a fail-proof dish.

Another healthy option that was well-liked by evwryone on the table. The crispy kale was definitely my favourite but I owe a big thank you to the cumin powder that brought the flavour to another level. They might be a tad generous with the salt, but all is good when you mix everything up properly.