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Super refreshing treat after walking around Botanic Gardens under the 3pm sun! Acai was not sweet and the peanut butter sauce added nice savoury touch to the acai bowl. Came with fruit chunks like banana and blueberries as well as super addictive coconut chia. Might be a tad pricey but can’t say no to guilt-less frozen treat in this hot weather!

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Have been missing this delicacy and glad that House of Chirashi’s rendition was solid. Came with grated ginger, the squid was thinly sliced to give more shiok bites. May be a tad pricey compared to their other items on the menu, but I highly enjoy it!

Rose into fame for their value-for-money chirashi bowls, House of Chirashi does offer good quality fresh seafood for the price tag. While many people are happy with how much seafood there is compared to the rice, I still prefer to have a more balanced ratio. Rice was a tad soft but can be easily overlooked considering all the fresh sweet seafood pampering your tastebuds.

Now, I can’t really vouch for how value for money it is because during my visit on a Thursday afternoon, 80% of the main ingredients of the chirashi don was out of stock. They kindly replaced the unavailable ingredients with more premium sashimi as seen in the picture.

My gripe was that I was only told about this when they served my food 30 mins upon ordering (they did tell us about the salmon belly being OOS and told me they would replace it with more scallops). If communicated properly, I would have changed my order just so I could give a more objective review of their food. Also, they forgot to put some ingredients like wasabi, ginger and tamago, and only served the tamago 5 mins before I finished my meal.

Seems like they need to iron out the management of on-site and delivery orders to better estimate the availability of their ingredients and also the consistency of every order.

I will return but probably till the hype dies down and they get adjusted to managing high volume of orders at one go.

This is seriously one solid bowl of 麻辣香锅, better than so many famous shops out there. Can’t believe it can be so fragrant and tasty without a single garlic or meat jus (yes, this is vegetarian mala!) The maggie mie is a bit thin & soft to my liking but the rest of the ingredients make up for it. Mock meats are surprisingly good as well. If only they open a stall closer to my house- this will be a staple!

Not usually a big fan of 幼面, but Top 1’s handmade version is super QQ, nearing to hard- which is the way I love it to be. Black sauce was surprisingly not too sweet in spite of the solid colour. Chilli was damn shiok- slightly tangy but with nice kick (then again, I asked for extra chilli 😂) I also have a strange love for their bak chor, slightly crispy outside but mushy inside. And of course, the soup is also very flavourful, not the typical bland one you’d normally find elsewhere.


I enjoy the QQ noodle a lot- springy with good bite- coated evenly with the sauce. Chilli was a let down. Will ask for extra chilli next time. But imo the star has to be the super fragrant chicken feet and mushroom. The crispy lard bits on tops added nice crunch as well. Will return!

Returned here for this solid bowl of Indonesian bakmi! Chilli was so shiok, reminding me of the usual homemade chilli I always added when eating bakmi back in Indo- a bit tangy but kicking the tastebuds hard. I love how after mixing everything, the chilli coats every strand of the springy noodle evenly. They’re super generous with the marinated minced pork too! Like the addition of crunchy cabbage as well as opposed to the typical chye sim.


My first time trying sisig and thought this restaurant’s rendition is nice and refreshing thanks to the tangy kick from the lime. Le bf was not very impressed because it’s a tad dry for his liking (compared to what he had in the Philippines) but I thought it was fine. Meat is well-seasoned and also smokey from the sizzling plate.

Surprisingly a good order although we didnt know what we signed up for! The red tomato-ey sauce in the middle tastes like cincalok and can get quite salty. Mix everything well to get a more balanced taste. Eggplant is sweet and tender so much so that le picky bf doesn’t complain eating it.

It may not seem like a lot but this is pretty substantial considering how miniscule the portion of lechon set meal at other places! Each piece is thick yet tender and most importantly, the skin is crispy. Meat is a tad salty but that’s what the rice is for. Nice option if you want something simple with good quality.

It’s essentially kefalotiri cheese topped with fig sauce. Kefalotiri cheese is usually hard, but after sizzling in the skillet, it turns into a soft camembert-like consistency, with crispy “skin”. Fig jam adds the much-needed sweetness to cut through the saltiness of the cheese. Highly recommend to try this with some pita bread and grilled meat.

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Mala broth is soo flavourful- highly reco to add sesame sauce, pepper oil and chilli oil because the basic broth isn’t spicy at all. Condiments are unlimited so you can always add more chilli (which I wish I did). Ingredients are on the pricy side and I got too excited (and overordered). It’s pretty hard to control how much to get because they have a staff who will help you take the ingredients throughout this covid period so either you keep reminding them to reduce or you just bring more people 😅