Ordered a Large Cappuccino and a slice of Baileys Black Velvet cake for Hubby, a regular Mocha Latte and Key Lime Pie for myself. Hubby's Cappuchino was really smooth, I liked it. The mocha Latte was a bit too bitter for me tho.
The cake was good, spongy with a nice taste of Baileys in the cream. I really liked the Key Lime Pie - I think I tasted some Passionfruit in it?

The beef in the pie was so tender, they melted as soon as I put them in my mouth. But it was surprisingly tasteless. It could do better. The salad however was nice and crunchy.

The pasta was perfectly al dente. It was not as spicy as I expected but overall the dish was quite wholesome. The chilli crab sauce was good, the soft shell crab could do better though.

Haven't had unagi in a while and this was satisfaction. It doesn't look like a lot but it really makes u full. The unagi was soft and tender and has a smoky taste. 4/5 stars

Brought hubby here for dinner. On a normal day, it's not really packed. Its hubby's first time eating here and he has definitely enjoyed this ramen. Tip: Do not order extra noodles if you are ordering the extra rich broth. 3/5 stars

A colleague of mine ordered this. It's my first time seeing steak and seafood plated with Nasi Lemak. My first thought was that it might be too much too handle. On the contrary, it was awesome. Dip the steak, prawns and scallops in the garlic sauce, then eat it with the rice. It was quite satisfying. ($16.90)

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Its one of the most simple yet satisfying Nasi Lemak I had for lunch. The rice is packed with just the right amount of coconut milk. The sambal was even better with the right amount of spicyness that's gives a good kick to the whole meal. Cutlet could be juicier but overall, it was good for $5.

The portion of the burger and fries was good. The thick beef patty was definitely juicy (we requested for medium doneness) and tender - sandwiched between nice fluffy buns. Its was simple but it was awesome.

Brought the kids out for lunch and ice cream. Ordered waffles with 2 scoops of Horlicks and Hazelnut ice cream. And you can pour the chocolate sauce yourself! It was delectable and smooth. And one of the few places still with enough seats available.

Date night means I get to choose what we eat. Finally got to try the lobster rolls. Hubby got the Connecticut roll and I got Cheesy roll. We can tell that the lobsters were really fresh coz there wasn't a single bit of fishy taste or smell. The bread was toasty and so soft it almost collapsed. Its served with tapioca chips which were crunchy and addictive. You can order the rolls as a combo to get an iced drink and a small bowl of smooth, delicious lobster bisque.
I will definitely eat here if I'm nearby.

Saw the review from thesmartlocal.com before coming and we had to go and see Singapore's first arcade-bar. It was only Hubby and myself since its date night and a simple birthday celebration for me. We had the highly addictive Typhoon Tater Tots ($12) thats topped with nacho cnheese and soy crumbs. We also shared a Seafood Platter($25 i think) between the 2 of us. It was a very big portion and quite worth it. The place has a nice ambience, will want to go there again with colleagues next time.

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Finally get to have the waffles here. Charcoal Waffle with Thai Milk Tea and Cookies&Cream Ice Cream. The ice cream was smooth. I like it. Price was reasonable too. 4/5 stars.