Korean that calls itself Japanese
Greek Blu Has Moved From Green To Red Zone We have been fans of Blu Kouzina since its beginning in Bukit Timah. The second incarnation at Dempsey was the peak. Everything at this new location, next door to the last one, is in every way a step down,except for the price!! The place is more cramped and more downmarket. The food is haphazard. Some dishes remain excellent, others not so. For instance, the lamb chops, while flavourful, are quite tough. Service staff are friendly, but a bit blurred and overzealous, keen to clear up the plates although we haven’t finished the expensive dishes. At S$140 per pax at lunch, we thought it was poor value. For Mediterranean food, Pistachio at Wheelock Place is better AND better value. For us, Blu has moved from green light to red.