First of all, the service. SUCKS. no other word that can best describe em. The presentation is Alright but e beef Patty is not moist enough. This is just personal preference. But, definitely not going back.

Not bad for a change of taste. But maybe the curry isn't suitable for the 'ramen' they use. Too sticky. But their η”œδΈθΎ£ is good. :)

It's my second time here for their cheap and good 炸酱青! (Minced meat noodles) plus, they serve really well brewed θŒΆεΆθ›‹οΌπŸ˜

Slightly different from the ones we had at Song Fa Buk Kut Teh. Less peppery. The pig trotters though doesn't make the cut. Too oily. Overall, for 2= $17.60

Quiet ambience. Awesome for a date for two and for fresh salmon lovers. My second time here 😊

Awesome amount of your favorite greens for the price of SGD$9.90 and just an additional of $1.50 for a chunk of smoked salmon or chicken chunks! πŸ‘ love it!

Light and fluffy pancakes w rolled smoked salmon. Need I say more? β™‘

Shredded pork soaked in Sweet BBQ sauce with sliced pickles! Not too filling too!