Their baked texture and the salted egg yolk custard defines party-in-the-mouth 😍 #burpple

This breakfast is one that's worth waking up early for on a Saturday morning :) to all coffee lovers and cafe-hoppers, this place serves really good coffee too! #burpple

And this place is honestly underrated in our opinion. Their food was unexpectedly pretty good, I had 2 duck leg confits in 1 sitting, and they do a mean carbonara too! #burpple

Salted egg prawn pasta, and the salted egg was soooooooo satisfying. Will be back again! #burpple

We celebrated our 34th month together in March, and also celebrated the end of my field practicum with pretty awesome sushi. Salmon, shrimp and scallop? Yes please. Oishi! :)

Those who know beef Wellington will usually link it to Gordon Ramsay!
So we landed the win for seasons Bistro x Burpple giveaway, we got to come here on Good Friday :) Jeremy's verdict the moment he took the first bite: I rate this 10/10.

天天鸡饭 - the dish that outshone Gordon Ramsay! It's really worth the hype and queue, though we were lucky we didn't have to queue for it then (last Sunday night). Oh, and the Shanghainese 水饺 is a must try too!