Eggs were really fluffy and one can never go wrong with luncheon meat. Comes with chunky broccoli too!

After having the pancakes, I'm afraid the french toast was a total letdown. Expected shibuya toast thickness but came to be about just 2 slices of bread thick. Tasted pretty average that anyone could just whip up at home.

Very light tasting and not too sweet on the palate.

These cauliflower fritters had a nice bite to them, being coated in a deceptively light batter while the sweet and spicy sauce brought something tantalising to the tastebuds.

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Hands down the best dish. Clams were succulent and the wine broth was to die for.

Plump and succulent clams with steamed earthy garlic. Can't get better than this.

A must order. The soft yams were fried with a crispy shell that tantalises the tastebuds.

Crispy and tender while the lychees added some sweetness to the dish.

These braised pig intestines were so soft and flavourful that I could have 2 or 3 servings!