Muffin was fragrant and not too sweet! Wasn’t expecting the cheese cubes but was pleasantly surprised! Better than some cafe muffins

Cheesecake was the fluffy kind, but it was super nice and was even creamy in the inside! Bread was a bit dry but was quite fragrant. This shop sells really upsized breads tho, worth $1.80

Really nice employees and they are super generous when it comes to veges. My favourite subway in sg, will drive all the way down to eat

At $1.40 this is pretty affordable for the portion. The bee Hoon is better imo tho

Silky smooth and small portion perfect for 1. Minced meat and egg could be more tho

Must try signature dish ! You will love this if you’re a fan of crispy stuff and carrot cake. Must eat while it’s hot tho

Big and bouncy shrimp paste better than most dim sum places! Highly recommend this

Better than average! Ginger is super pronounced on the chicken and mushroom is something special too!

Not bad but nothing spectacular. Wish skin was thinner with more filling tho

Bun was nicely buttered up and Kaya was overflowing . It’s a bit oily though, but I understand that’s needed to give this bun its wow factor

Super cute design how could I resist 😍. Filling is a eggy custard. Overall can be a bit sweet but it’s a good fluffy donut 🍩

Service here is also superb, workers are kind and patient

Definitely their most sinful flavour. But damn it’s super worth the calories. Absolutely overflowing with hazelnut chocolate with some crunchy wafer bits to give texture. Highly recommend if you’re off your diet 😆