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The prawns had a nice charred taste to it and the linguine was al dente 👍🏻 10/10 for the food and 11/10 for the price (if you use burpple b, it’s only approx $7/ plate)

Upgraded the fries to truffle fries. the beef is really tender, 10/10 would recommend.

Oh but the cheese isn’t melted tho :(

Your burden friend isnt a fan of raw fish? No problemoOoOo. Just recommend them the teriyaki don which taste damn bomb 🤗

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Ordered the signature don + tamago
Really filling even though the bowl of the don might look a little small, but don’t be fooled by the amount of food they serve you!

Free boiled eggs, tamago, salad, miso soup

Bought this with Burpple B’s 1 for 1 deal

Will recommend :)

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Got this from entertainer’s 1 for 1.
Good food and good ambience, would recommend! 👍🏻

D’good cafe is having a 1 for 1 pasta on weekdays, so it’s really worth the visit! Not too sure when the deal will end, so better hurry!

The prawns are super juice and fresh!! 😋

Bought chope voucher for this!
Got both medium rare and medium for the steaks but i kinda regretted ordering a medium. Would recommend medium rare for this :)

Have always been a fan of CHUGCHUG but was there earlier this week and it seems like their standard dipped a little.

The sauce was slightly diluted.

10/10 for ambience
but the drinks were pretty pricey.
those 2 cocktails cost approx $40++

Can’t rmb what burger this was, but their mentaiko fries are legit the bomb!

ala carte price for mentaiko fries - $6
top up normal fries to mentaiko fries - $3

($15) What could possibly go wrong with waffles and chicken?

Also, rmb to purchase your chope voucher to get some discount when visiting grub :)

Utilised the 1 for 1 real for this wagyu steak. Steak tasted really good but I’ll recommend you to go for medium rare if you want something more pinkish.