Loved the salmon miso cArbonara, pork collar and the fudgy brownies! Absolutely heavenly

Classic chargrilled chicken with potato salad and onion fries - will never go wrong. Meat super tender and potatoes are nicely cooked. Crispy onion rings balance out the sauces on the plate

Love the dish, super creamy and delicious.

Had amazing truffle fries as well

The miso soup that comes with the set is super hearty and good with additional ingredients, Ikura chawanmushi also delicious. The kaisendon was good and fresh enough

Love the ambience and also the wide selection of good authentic Italian food on the menu. Beef was tender

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Love the environment and music of this cafe always - a great ambience to chill with some pasta. Loved the salmon mentaiko cream pasta: linguine cooked al dente ♥️ however, the truffle mushroom sauce has a slightly strange artificial taste and smell

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Love the fact that they put in effort into making their pasta fresh and different from other Italian restaurants. Prices are good, and I love the chili lime fettuccine in pink sauce.

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