It's our second visit, to celebrate my birthday. My clique had a memorable dinner here about two years back and we have always wanted revisit but the location deterred us.

Today's service was incredibly unsatisfying with a crazy amount of mosquito, the 5 of us were actively swatting mosquito off our skin.

The place was empty when we arrived and i requested for a table in indoor area but was informed that it was reserved.

Waitress depended on her memory to take our order, and missed my order despite repeating our orders to us.
A passing waiter was tasked to check on the ribs but he conveniently forgot us, even tho the place was practically empty.

Food quality wise, the photo of the Tiramisu cake is a good representation of what they served.
The cake initally came with a mouldy strawberry (it was obviously mouldy, sadly we didn't get a photo of it) so we requested for a change of cake.

The mould tainted slice returned with a new strawberry, as seen in photo. Definitely did not give me a happy birthday.

No surprise, by the time we left, the indoor area (and most of the restaurant) was empty. Who reserved it?