Not sure if I’ve got the name of the dish right but this was yummy and more yummy!!! Finished every strand and every drop of that gravy (it didn’t get jelak at all which is very important to me when it comes to chilli crab sauce)!!! The prawns were big and fresh too. Couldn’t really spot any crab meat but sure.

That drink’s some yogurt soju alcohol thingy that was very delish and refreshing too. Will be back! Plus there’s 1 for 1 on Entertainer!!

I think Cake Spade seriously needs no introduction. I’m just here to log the fact that I’ve tried their red velvet cheesecake and loved it.

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Mexican buffet!?! Yes, and very affordable priced too. Between 2-5pm, it’s only $24++ per pax. So much meat we were so stuffed we didn’t even have dinner that day. Service was slow, but we still had enough time to fill our bellies so we were satisfied! We loved everything - nothing much else to say. 😿

For GOOD Thai food, please drop by this little shop. Despite it being non air conditioned and like super hot on an afternoon, it was so worth the discomfort!

The tomyum fried rice was one of the best I’ve had - we lowkey considered getting another plate for takeaway. Pad Thai was good too and so was this gorgeous (and very generous) plate of garlic fried chicken. I’ll be back... very, very soon.

Helps that it’s conveniently located like 2 to 3 minutes away from Toa Payoh MRT!!!

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This place had such a good menu I love feeling overwhelmed by choices of things that I like!!! Got the truffle beef don for myself and quite liked the flavouring (happy with the onsen egg). The truffle was strong enough for me but the beef was... so... raw. Hahahaha I know it’s probably meant to be like that because it’s marbled and stuff but to be honest I wasn’t all too comfortable with such a raw texture. 😂

We also had their skewers which were 10/10 yummy and mentaiko fries (LOVE IT). Can totally see myself going back many, many times even if just for drinks and skewers!!! 😍

The servers were super nice but were constantly rushing about so it was a little tough to get their attention.

Um, we waited more than 30 minutes for it be served to our table because the servers were... overwhelmed? It was really busy so sure. But I felt like we could’ve baked ourselves a better chocolate cake in 30-40 minutes hahaha this was not it.

Maybe we’ve never had cake like this before... but both of us agreed that we... would not get this again. The texture was unlike any cake I’ve ever eaten.

Also HAHA funny but the cake was flipped!!! They served it to us upside down hahaha.

This was a 10/10 meal. I really enjoyed my codfish (I love cod because of its strong taste!!!) - they were so generous with the lemon butter sauce. I pretty much ate all the truffle fries with the sauce and didn’t leave a single drop. Fish was so soft and yummy.

My company for the day thoroughly enjoyed her pasta and couldn’t stop commenting that she actually felt like having another serving! So glad we picked this place for our rare lunches together.

They don’t take reservations during this covid situation and were surprisingly busy even on a Thursday afternoon?? Too many taitais??? It was immensely difficult to get a server to assist us/get the bill/etc. and they constantly appeared overwhelmed even though ordering and payment were done through a QR code.

Even without the Entertainer deal I think I would be back.

This has been my favourite chilli crab pasta since I first had it 2 years ago. I’m quite a chilli crab pasta fan so I had a phase of exploring cafes that served up this dish. Got to say that this remains one of the best. It is on the spicier side (rather than the sweet kinds like at Privè which I do NOT like)!!! The portion of crab meat is extremely generous you will have crab meat in every bite 😭😍 and the texture of the pasta is perfect!!! Nothing to hate about this dish.

So worth it! Even more so with Entertainer deals hahaha.

I don’t drink coffee or tea but come here for either too. My friends always rave about their drinks. 😬

Everything was amazing! We queued for a bit for this but it was really worth the time. The food came pretty fast so overall I felt like the waiting time was still acceptable.

I’m a sucker for Thai food so I think I have a clear idea of what’s nice and what’s not when it comes to Thai food. These were all brilliant!!!

Especially the fried rice. It was so, so yummy but crazily spicy even after requesting for it to be less spicy (though to be fair we considered if maybe they misunderstood and made it SPICIER) hahaha. Will definitely be back.

Prices were okay though I can’t remember them. They were definitely not restaurantey prices haha!

Stepped into this super cozy cafe while waiting for a seat at Obba Jjajang hehe. So happy we chose to do so because the desserts were such a delight! The cake had a nice fluffy texture and wasn’t too sweet with the cream cheese.

Molten lava did not have a molten core so it was disappointing but the taste made up for it - somehow it was like... a soft moist brownie. Paired really well with the light blue pea sea salt ice cream!

This place has become one of my favourite Indian spots. The meats are tender including the lamb. My friend with braces commented that nothing got stuck in her braces throughout the meal. 😂 Please get their butter naan too!!

This place is also listed in the Michelin Bib Gourmand award. Location is also ideal ‘cause I could get dessert from Privé within the same area hahaha.

Used Eatigo to get 50% off the entire bill!

Tender chicken meat with crispy skin and a lovely sauce... enjoyed this meal. Particularly liked the mac&cheese which was of a nice portion size and the cheese wasn’t too thick - it didn’t get jelak or boring at all.

Overall a very satisfying $10.50 meal.