The funky, colorful retro exterior reflects the soul of the food served here - the 3 eggs soup reminded me of my Grandma's cooking but had a unique taste to it while the angus beef with foie gras was absolutely decadent! Their orh ni was oh-so delightful and transported me back to the good ole days 😋

Enjoyed a memorable evening at Meat N' Chill, where I was greeted by great service, charming decor and a really peaceful, chill atmosphere.

Here are my orders and thoughts:
Milkshake (Vanilla bean): One-way trip to the milky way! 😋
Milkshake (Oreo): Heavy blend of cookie, chocolate-y goodness
Butterscotch Blondie w Choc Ice Cream: Too sweet for my taste

Signature Bourbon Ribs: Smoky and tantalizingly tender, it was a wild ride! 🤠
250g Striploin Steak: Right off the bat, the juicy cut was perfectly medium-rare, and melted in my mouth 🤤 The best I've had in a long, looong time, and was worth every cent. I now have a stake in their steak, and will be back >:)