200g of flat iron steak.

2nd time at this place, good food. Previously ordered the potatoes as a side and it was really good 👌🏻 Sat outdoors during both of my visits. Indoor seating is super romantic, dim lighting, people with balloons and flowers, perfect for your date night. I don’t mind outdoor seating cos the indoor seats are very packed, you can probably hear everyone’s conversation 😂

You can reserve seats at this place but really make sure that you will 100% turn up bc if you cancel 3 days b4 your reservation, you will be charged $30 per pax.

But if you don’t reserve a seat, then be prepared to sit outside or wait very very long during dinner time (was told waiting time was 2 hours for indoor seating).

Ps. They give free popcorn 🍿

Soup of the day w bread - Pumpkin soup
- $12.90++
- soup is quite light and thin (as compared to Soup Spoon’s pumpkin soup)
- very fragrant and comforting
- bread (forgot what type of bread) is warm, toasted, drizzled w olive oil, one of the best bread I’ve eaten. Was full but finished everything.

Crab meat linguine
- $32++
- generous crab meat
- chunks of chilli 🌶 but not spicy
- portion is average
- yummy but I prolly wouldn’t go back there just for this bc of the price tag

Cold brew tea - earl grey w cucumber
- much sweeter than what I expected
- very refreshing
- really just what you expect from the name, tastes like earl grey w a hint of cucumber

Overall, this place is nice. Quite packed on a weekday afternoon with working adults having meetings (f2f and virtual), but the space is quite big, staff is friendly too.

Rlly smol portions, the plates are super small hahaha like kids meal 😂 wouldn’t pay the normal price for this. The grain bowl w salmon was ok, portion of salmon was similar to the one in the mango tango (?) above. The mash potato tasted like instant mash potato 🥲

Read reviews that the portions are crazy and yeah, the portions are crazy huge 😳 They gave us the large sized bowls even though the burpple set states M. If you’re a small-normal eater, I suggest you bring more people to help you finish 😂 chose flat noodles, 1 spicy and 1 not spicy. For the spicy version, they just added some chilli flakes, I couldn’t really taste any difference. The beef balls (6) are also quite big and shiok, not your regular ntuc meat balls. The side dish complements the noodles cos the soup is light in flavour. lt’s kinda like mala and I rlly like the kick, was pretty addictive. The service was good too, nice people :)

Finally tried HOKI! Been wanting to cos I always walk past it. On the left is brown sugar fresh milk with pearls (4.20) and the right is ovaltine cheese (4.50). My siblings liked them both but it was a little sweet for us (I've been limiting their bbt sugar percentage to 0-25% HAHA and I mean, its brown sugar, its gonna be sweet). Its a little shop and service was friendly~ will try other drinks next time!

Amazing food and amazing service!! On top of the truffle pesto gnocchi (20.90) we ordered sweet potato fries (6.90), iced mocha (6.50) and iced white (5.60). Seriously, everything was good. The coffee was great, sweet potato fries were crispy on the outside, soft on the inside (and they remained that way even tho we left it out for a while). I've never had gnocchi nor pesto before so idk what the standards are BUT this was really enjoyable. Great flavour, could taste the truffle throughout but it wasn't overbearing. The sauce might be a lil salty towards the end but it's fine if you don't lick the entire plate clean ykwim.

Take note that they have different menus for breakfast, lunch and dinner! Overall, this place is really nice and I'll defo go back to try their other dishes. Wouldn't mind going back even without burpple beyond!

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