Located at East village which is at Simpang Bedok. The place is literally full of other cafés as well. We decided to give this place a try. It was surprisingly superb. The popular dish was the Mee Rebus with satay (which we had). The gravy was a little watery however it was bursting with flavours! We tried others as you can see from the pictures and all are of a thumbs up! Price ranging from $7.50 onwards. Give it a try!!

An average of $6-7 per dish. Dishes like green curry, tom yam and mango salad. A must have is the thirst quenching drink - lemongrass drink! We had 2 each!! Rating of 3 out of 5

Guess we will definitely be back again! And ohhhhh it's from halal food sources ya! ☺️

A chic hangout place. Location may not be easy for some. Dessert is simple and nice. A must try at least

By mr. Tong Fong Fatt. It's halal yo! And cheap too! I give it 4 out of 5. Chicken is superb... Don't really like the rice (a bit dry for my taste bud) though but still sedap! 2 rice + half roasted chicken cost us $10 only!

This is an experience! Where all of us shared one tray of food together. It is something like "nasi padang" But how about “Nasi Ambeng”, especially one where you can eat as a group together shared in one tray!

Nasi Ambeng is a traditional Javanese cuisine. The special thing about Nasi Ambeng is that it is served with rice and about 7-8 dishes (rendang, serunding, begedil, ayam lemak etc etc) are served in large trays and eaten in groups of about 4-5 people. This is good for friends in a group or families. This place is definitely a MUST try!

Another chic halal cafe. Location at siglap centre. Place is rather small - if u r lucky there's no one but if u r not - u will have to wait. But it was worth the wait. A little ex though. Pls note they do not accept nets ya.

Another halal cafe in singapura! This is honey mustard sandwich (cant remember the exact name)

Another halal korean bbq grill! The food is good. However the location may be a little difficult. This is a must try!