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Mushroom Soup (5/5⭐) Mushroom soup ($6) Beyond 1-for-1 (some menus) It's so thick and creamy and we can eat some of the mushroom chunk! The toast is suoer crispy and yet quite soft as well, it tastes even better when we dip it into the soup! Hey, here's a tasty gift for you! Enjoy 20% off a Burpple Beyond membership and access 1-for-1 deals at over 460 curated restaurants. Simply use my invite link: Or use code WIND616 during register!
Chili Crab Pasta ($18) Fettuccine was a little soft but still had a decent bite and sauce was nice (slightly tangy, a little spicy and pretty eggy)! 🤤🤤 Chili crab came in a pretty generous piece but was not as crispy as I expected. Everything tied in pretty nicely and definitely a satisfying pasta, especially at this price point and with Burpple Beyond 👍🏻👍🏻
Honey BBQ Babyback Ribs ($20) Quite impressed by the portion?? At just $20, there were about 8 pieces of ribs and the ribs were actually better than decent 👍🏻👍🏻 Nicely glazed with a good amount of sweet honey BBQ sauce, the ribs were pretty decent - not too dry though not fall off the bone tender. Thai-inspired salad wasn’t anything special - the lotus root lost its crisp and wasn’t that flavourful, and the salad dressing was slightly lacking. Definitely a worthy meal (especially with Burpple Beyond) and since babyback ribs tend to be priced higher despite the smaller size but higher fatty content. Do try before the burpple vouchers expire this month in September! 😋😋
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The Best Thing I Had Here Was The Mentaiko Onigiri Decent grilled food but in my humble opinion, this place pales somewhat to other yakitori places in Singapore like Nanbantei and the chicken specialist, Shirokane Toritama at Robertson Quay. Oddly enough, the item that left the deepest impression on me amongst all we ordered was the Mentaiko Onigiri. It was huge and the salted cod roe was plentiful. The unusual ratio of mentaiko to rice made it a lot more flavourful albeit rather salty but I liked it very much.
Skewers, Sake & Sapporo Not just skewered toward meat lovers, Yakitori Uma’s Ren-kon (Deep-fried Lotus root) and Tamafura (Fried Onion) comes highly recommended by many of Burpple Tastemakers and now after trying, I too would suggest ordering both ($4.90/each). Super crunchy and very addictive, the thinly battered lotus root was my favourite. Because fried to perfection, the crisp-fibrous texture really stood out for me whereas the usual starchiness and slight stickiness of the lotus root that most dislike were less prominent. The Tamafura too, were well-executed. Sweet, juicy and fried to a lovely golden-brown; the drool-inducing panko coating was a great contrast to the soft interior. Simple and satisfying! But dip with caution, as the mustard sauce was pretty potent. Not wanting to mask the natural flavours of the ingredient, I would skip the dips.
Don't underestimate these deep-fried veggies Coated in a thin, crunchy, golden batter, this simple dish of Ren-kon and Tamafura (deep-fried lotus root and onion rings) stole my heart. Great batter aside - and that's half the battle won, mind you - I loved how earthy and sweet the root vegetables were, holding firm on their own and shining through that batter. The lotus root for one still retained a kinda muted crunch, cooked al dente if you would call it such; and the onion - oh-so-moist, sweet, and just melting in your mouth.
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