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For the first leg of @cforcoffeee’s birthday celebrations, we went to the #bestshitrestaurant in town for the least authentic Middle Eastern food at Artichoke. After nine years of operation and #stillnotdead, Artichoke has refreshed their weekend brunch menu, offering hearty and honest fare, none of the hipster waffles and pancakes. It’s always a joy to dine at Artichoke as you can be rest assured that you are in good hands to fill your bellies with good food. In addition to the must-orders of Turkish bread and hummus, we shared the Brunch Snack Pack ($22), a constructed plate of sharwarma spiced chicken, fried egg, fries and pickled onions among the medley of ingredients, and the Cauliflower Kushari ($24) which I have shared my review on it previously. We left the restaurant filled and satisfied. •••••••••••••••••••• 📍Artichoke 161 Middle Road, Singapore 188978
Fabulous with a side of bread If you like eggplants, stewed veggies, and olive oil, you’ll like this iconic Mediterranean dish: imam bayildi. To be fair I’ve not had this anywhere else so there’s nothing to compare Artichoke’s against, but their rendition is, without doubt, absolutely delicious. What you’ve got is a plate of eggplants stuffed with tomatoes and onions, simmered in oil till they practically disintegrate and melt in your mouth. It’s extremely confit-like, if not for the clearly roasted exterior and how the eggplant’s absorbed all the amazing flavours from its stuffing. All those intense flavours are then balanced out with dollops of creamy yogurt, and a generous glug of fruity olive oil. Grab some bread and tuck in to this, just trust me on it.
Afraid I’ve gotta be a naysayer here, telling you guys that I really did not enjoy this “Thicc Hashbrown”. Don’t get me wrong, texture wise it was absolutely fantastic and I think this concept of a really thick hashbrown as opposed to the thin ones is a stroke of genius. It’s super crispy on the outside with that lovely golden crust, and the inside’s so pillowy and soft, it kinda reminds me of confit potatoes. The issue here though, is that our hashbrown was completely unseasoned. Which, to me, is a big...why guys. They’ve got this mountain of sour cream on top, which will a add a lovely chilled, creamy, and acidic contrast; but having no salt at all made it all really unbalanced and unpleasant. It could be a mistake that our portion wasn’t salted, but even if it was it’s such a rookie mistake idk what to say 😞
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