Found them online while searching for desserts and choosing to dine in was a good decision. We were waited on by Dwayne from the start and may I say, his service was one of the best that we have experienced. The restaurant had a chill, classy ambience with a seasonal menu.

We ordered 3 dishes, the Super Prime Ribeye, Pyrenees Lamb and the Specials: Spanish Octopus. Each dish was masterfully prepared and seasoned nicely. The dishes were also served plate by plate and cleared immediately.

The desserts were introduced before the mains arrived as shown in the image so that we may select the ones that caught our eye. Because we were mainly here for the desserts, we selected all except for the strudel although it would have been better if there was a menu. Perhaps due to the seasonal nature of the ingredients, it might be a good idea to have a simple soft copy menu so that we may have a reference with the ingredients used.

Apple Garlette deserve a special mention. We are not usually fans of apple desserts but their attention to detail blew us away. The puff pastry was baked to perfection and the thinly sliced apples exploded with flavour. It lacks the sourness, typically associated with apple desserts. And the sugar content and flavours were not overpowering allowing us to taste each individual flavour.

Since we had multiple desserts, we noticed that the sweetness of each dessert was consistent. We were able to enjoy each dessert without the worry of any being too sweet. Thanks to Dwayne鈥檚 excellent service and sharp observations that elevated the entire experience. This was no easy feat considering that we were not the only table he was serving at the time.

Looking forward to hearing from them again!

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We ordered the creme br没l茅e and churros waffles.

The creme br没l茅e waffles were soggy and initially I thought it was due to the melting ice cream but it was actually part of the creme br没l茅e as the ice cream was still solid and we ate it immediately once served. I suppose aside from that, overall was acceptable as I have a soft spot for creme br没l茅e.

However, the churros waffles that were labeled as 鈥榖est waffles I鈥檝e had for years鈥 was soaked in oil and it was hard to stomach. We each had 2 bites and we couldn鈥檛 continue.

Personally, I was really looking forward to my visit here but I guess coming from this, it would take a while before I could consume a literal creme br没l茅e and churros.

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It is my second time here, I had the Mentaiko Pasta the first time round and the medium shredded duck this time.

The medium shredded duck was springy and seasoned nicely. Before I knew it, I devoured the dish. However, the Prairie beef was served cold. Could have been a 10/10 if it was warm.

I鈥檝e got to say the almond croissant surprised me, it had a very nice buttery taste though perhaps could have been crispier.

If you love taro, go for the taro latte. Did not disappoint. Avocado smoothie was average but thick.

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We ordered the Tomahwak and bone marrow.

One of the two pieces of bone marrow appetiser was undercooked. It was still cold, chewy, and opaque in color. That was an extremely bad experience. At least, they served us a replacement.

We thought that was it.

Our next course, the tomahawk steak was underwhelming and the sauces were excessively salty (truffle and wild mushroom, bordelaise). Close to a $200 and a dish that is a chef recommendation, it was not worth the hefty price tag.

To top it all off, the service (there was a service charge) was dismal. They did not bother to clear used plates or refill our drinks unless prompted. They were already struggling to find space on the already crowded table and they walked away without clearing used and empty plates.

First and last. 馃ゲ