Come visit Shop Wonderland Cafe not only for the delectable pastries but also enjoy the beautiful garden experience here 😊

Has a Rich flavour and taste like melted chocolate bits 👍


Not only delicious but also instagrammy 😍 Black sesame yeasted waffles with matcha ice cream, red bean & rice cakes 😘 Waffles was crispy on the outside and soft on the inside.. Matcha and Red bean blends perfectly well with the black waffles 👍 Quick pay a visit to "Stateland Cafe" whom is popular for their waffles !!

Presentation of the dish may turn u off... but rest assured that u won't regret after taking the 1st bite 😊😊 Melts in ur mouth and leaves an aftertaste all over ur tongue 😘

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More than a dozen bread cubes stack together to form a pyramid with the Ice Cream being the crown 👑 Best to eat the bread together with the Ice cream as it taste much better that way 😊😊 Portion of dessert just nice for 2 👦👧

Probably my 1st time eating beans with Salmon.. The thought of it alone was weird but taste doesnt affect really much.. Was a pretty good breakfast I had 😊 Small little cafe with WIFI and ambience was good ✌


A Flat White a day keeps the doctor away 😊 Well brewed coffee and beautiful latte art.. How can one shy away from the coffee here 🙌

Come on down to Boomarang Bistro & Bar if u would like to have the usual all day breakfast style early in the morning !! Food was served warm and tasted much better than what one would get at other fastfood outlets ✌


Benedict was awesome.. 1st poke a small hole into the egg to let the yolk flow down the salmon and bread.. Then grab a huge bite and the taste was heavenly !! Salmon and eggs was fresh ✌

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