Ronin has the best toast so far. This cheese toast combined with 3 different kind of Cheese is insane . Coffee at there are awesome

Custard bun in a cute piggy design , but the custard not creamy enough

That fat duck for lunch it is fully glazed but it not the crispy kind of roasted duck

This pancake is good to eat with berries and nuts, personally not a fan of canned peach. The pancake itself is really good and crispy at the edge.


A huge plate of lobster pasta which can be shared by 4. The sauce has a taste of fresh seafood and spicy which is good with plain pasta.

Go for the herbal soup noodle at green dot if you are craving for meatless meal today. Other foods on the menu are tasty too.

6 courses dinner Omakase at $120 . Friendly Chef and keep making sure we were satisfied with the foods. Although the sashimi was not enough but it was really good at this reasonable price

Seasonal flavour ice cream from matchaya: lavender ice cream. Grab the dessert after your dinner nearby

A very good combi of mentaiko sauce with pieces of salmon and avocado. Worth for the visit. Will come back for more other food on the menu.

The short grain multigrain rice match with the breaded pork chop which warmed up my tummy well. This is the definitely go for lunch meal if you are alone . Green latte was ok , only can taste green tea.

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