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Not sure why they would serve on a plate and not a bowl, as it does not look as presentable. I have also tried the Wagyu beef at the outlet in suntec, so I can compare this against that, and I have to say the suntec one beat this hands down.

However do try the sashimi or the kaisen don, it is really really good. The set also came with chawanmushi (not available in suntec outlet) and a matcha mochi.

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Paradise dynasty recently has a promotion where you can buy the 8 Flavour xlb for $1 when you spend a minimum of $30. Usually I would order the original but since it is $1, so why not?

They would give you instructions on a paper telling you the order to eat it, from the original to szechuan xlb. Supposedly from the milder taste to the strongest one. However personal preference the original one is still my favourite.

Be sure to try it before the promo ends.


Presentation looks really appetising, with pan-seared foie gras, US black Angus short rib and an onsen egg. If you do not like the signature rice you can change it to normal sushi rice.

As much as it looks nice, the taste isn't as comparable. I was expecting the beef to be very tender, but it was rather chewy, while certain pieces were more soft, not sure why.

The large piece of foie gras was quite generous I feel. However for the price you cannot expect it to taste the same in French fine dining restaurants. I do recommend to eat the foie gras quickly, as it doesn't taste very good when it gets cold.

Overall I wouldn't regret the experience, but it hasn't met my expectations for me to visit again in the near future.

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I am rather a big eater, so at first I thought ordering 3 items wouldn't be enough. I ordered the pancake, chicken bulgogi and bibimbap. The price of the chicken bulgogi was $22.80, but there is a 17% discount promotion during dinner for certain chicken dishes and bulgogi was one of them. I almost couldn't finish my food as the amount was quite alot. I find the food quite tasty despite reading some not so good reviews online. For its price I would say it is quite Worth it. I would probably come back again to try other items on the menu or the bbq. 1 thing I think they could improve is to increase the number of side dishes.

Tried the Madagascar Vanilla sundae which comes with fresh strawberries and an almond biscuit topped with caramel sauce. The vanilla ice cream is one of the best that I had as it was very rich and creamy. The charcoal cone and sauce complements the ice cream very well too. This costs $7.90 before gst, quite expensive for a soft serve cone. Better off visiting Creamier imo. #burpplexchope