Rice is round and fat, pork is soft and tasty, garlic cucumber is refreshing after eating the fats, braised egg has all the taste from the skin to the heart. Don’t forget to get a salt and pepper chicken which is excellent with the basil that is as good as the meat!

Smoked salmon burger avocado, mesclun, bretzel bun

Waffle πŸ‘

Under priced steamed fish in the hidden town, a shop named 吃了吗 (01-87) located in the golden mile food centre. Every meal comes with a steam egg and a bowl of rice. The texture of the fish are soft and with a perfect mixture of the light soy sauce, it's completely satisfied. They operate in the lunch hour and their fish are limited and fast selling everyday (close in between 1:30pm - 2pm)

Mouth watering lava cake but rich in pandan taste

If you like to eat mala but you didn't mention the level of spice, you will definitely regret as they give their spice ε₯½εƒδΈη”¨ι’±γ€‚But if you are spicy lover, then you deserve it.

It serves with the hot πŸ”₯ iron plate and the bottom placed with the rices which turned slightly burn on it. On top of it come with the beef slices, kimchi, minced crabstick, cucumber, cheese, roe, shredded tamgo and a tiny raw egg. It also come with the pieces of seaweeds, but insufficient. It tastes perfect when more seaweeds mixed.

The Lychee cake come with aroma flower and taste good. It's similar to their pistachio cake.

For me, the korean fried chicken is the best, although they are famous in jjajang noodles. Pork belly is expensive and not worth to order, it's a bit tasteless, the sides, marinated white carrot come with sour sweet taste, it's quite nice.
What I will recommend to order from them are the korean rice cake, rice ball as well as the spicy soup noodles.