terrible.. too much powder🤢🤢

dirty match latte & the matcha latte were both very powdery and tasted bad!

Tried the:

Ban Xeo 3/10
Bun cha 8/10
spicy beef pho 6.5/10
fresh spring rolls 7/10

Everything was pretty okay. saw a review saying the ban xeo is amazing but it was $10.90 for eggs with beansprout and 2 prawns😂 didnt taste good either

had the brekkie burger 7/10
and the fry up 5/10
matcha latte 6.5/10
honestly the fry up is rly overrated! saw many reviews loving it but i can only say that it is very average. did not at all like the potatoes & mushrooms. sausage was meh as well. portion is big but i wld recommend getting smth else. did not feel satisfied after eating it. maybe get the burger instead ! it was decent

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Had the black forest & earl grey ice cream and on the other plate , the salted gula melaka & thai milk tea . flavours were good and waffles came pretty quick & tasted rly good as well ! staff was also friendly 🤗 would def come back again if im nearby !

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mushroom aglio was decent! a pretty good plate of aglio , although it had some weird nuts in it which i would have preferred if it was not there , but other than that it was great . portion was average , sufficient for its price ! Carbonara wasnt that great ,, sauce was bland . Staff was friendly though !Would come back again if i am around the area 😄
Also had the matcha latte .... which i personally didnt like ... but maybe its because im also not the biggest fan of matcha :)


fries were good , on the crispier side .
sauce was interesting , really liked it.
Steak was so chewy ... Wasnt good at all .
Overall , wouldnt come back because the steak was so tiring and hard to eat .

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