yea its pretty good imo with the 1 for 1 deal its down to 14 bucks, but still a lil expensive :(

HOWEVER, at 28 bucks it is really crazy expensive so maybe pass. this is more of a bar/pub/drinking place rather than a restaurant so yea understandably the prices are high

but yea the creamy sambal pasta and aglio olio are decent.

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Yuzu: Quite crumbly, I like yuzu but still do not rly recommend
Matcha: Not bad but normal i guess, can order if you like matcha
Butterscotch: I think this is the best we tried today, its sweet and has the crumbly biscuit bits
Strawberry Yogurt: Not bad i guess, tastes like all the high chews or strawberry candy you'll eat

Overall, I think I like it with the one for one deal but I dont think I'll come back without 1 for 1.

Yeah its not bad when you get the 1 for 1 deal i would say i like the aglio olio but the cheese fries are quite meh. get the mushroom soup instead i think thats like zeng'ed campbell soup
the aglio is not bad tho