Tender beef, served with thin crispy fries and salad. Entire main course bursted with flavour and was satisfying. Would be back to try other courses soon!

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Soaked and dressed liberally in beef sauce, this dish appeared propelling to my tastebuds.

Presentation was simple which didn’t matter. What mattered to me was the failure of each dish in bringing out its unique/primary trait.

Pork cutlet tasteless albeit crunchy, rice was average, gravy too salty.

Would not come back here.

Was looking forward to dinner here but was completely disappointed with the quality of ALL dishes served to my table. It began with...

1. Hotpot Chicken Stew with Pig’s Stomach 豬肚湯
Tased bland and diluted, even after ordering condiments like tofu, mushrooms, vegetables, beef (wasnt ribeye as stated in the menu) and pork slices. Was much less herb-y than when I last visited 9 months ago.

2. Salted Egg Squid
Flavour just was not right, entire dish tasted like breaded fried squid and nothing more.

3. Salted Egg Fish Skin
Even though the fish skin was crispy, the salted egg flavour just did not hit the spot.

4. Tomato Fried Eggs
Average, considered the best among the other dishes that was presented

Was on a buffet meal, but the lacklustre dishes was so disheartening that I refrained from ordering more.

Will not patronise again.

This bowl of fish noodles was indeed a comforting bowl to consume on a rainy evening. Fishes were sliced in generous portions, amidst a bunch of thick white springy bee hoon tangled with strands of spinach. The broth was milky, sweet and savoury. Topped with shredded fried egg accompanied with a spicy garlicky sauce. A dish that cannot be missed 👅👅👅