Pizza hut. Self-explanatory. Love their pizza. It never gets old!!! 😍

Ordered their lychee and passion tea (around S$11 each), which comes with two heart shaped cookies. They are adorable❣

This was the main of the Tasting menu (dinner). The lamb wasn't tough at all although cutting it was a bit of a challenge. I loved their sauce, which I believe is grapefruit based. It went super well with the lamb. Little nuts on Apricot gave overall crunchy sour taste too. Very satisfied with the main.

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Indescribable! This is absolutely stunning (and their gorgeous plating is always a plus). I would describe this as a "soup", but as mentioned above you must try it and feel the taste. They also have corns inside, which balanced with whelk.

Love their Eggs Benedict's set, which comes with a fruit juice and a hot coffee/tea. Also satisfied with truffle fries and bacon sides! It was a good addition to the set.