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It is good. Cottage cheese curries (Paneer Makhanwalla) is $11.5 and vegetable curries (Kadai Vegetable) is $10. Basmati white rice is $4 and can be shared for 2 persons.

Ordered white chrysanthemum flavour. It is good. Price is $6.

It is good. Price: $8.9 (exclude tax)

It is quite good. Price: $6.5 (exclude tax)

It is good and the price is $9.5.

It is quite good. The price is $9.5.

It is one of the famous chicken rice. The queue is quite long, but quite quick as well. It is good and the price is $3.5 for small portion.

It is okay. The price is $9.8. However, the fish inside the burger of my friend is undercooked. We told the staff and she replaced it with the new one.

Bee Hoon, Vegetable, and Chicken Wing for $3.1. The chicken wing is quite good.

It is quite good, but need to wait for it around 15-20 mins. The price is $3.