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For 1-for-1 Coffee (save ~$5) This hidden gem located in a cosy little corner of Bras Basah Complex is home to solid coffees and a minimalistic space perfect for whiling lazy afternoons away at. Burppler Edith Loo's claims that this joint serves up "one of the best" Iced Lattes ($4.50), with a perfect balance between strength and flavour. Also delicious is the Filter Coffee ($6) – well-bodied whilst sporting a fruity and nuanced flavour. Photo by Burppler Edith Loo
A coffee experience at Narrative Located in a cosy little corner of Bras Basah Complex, hidden among a row of bookstores, Narrative serves up a number of cakes and specialty coffee. I came to check out their filter coffee ($6) before an appointment. During my visit, the filter coffees on rotation were sourced from scandinavian roasters, with a roast coming from the renowned Coffee Collective of Denmark and two roasts from Koppi roasters of Sweden. I opted for the Kenyan Single Origin from roasted by Koppi, which was brewed with finesse by the barista (whose name I didn’t manage to catch) and delivered a full mouthfeel with flavour notes of plums and raisins. What’s worthy of noting is that the brewers at Narrative use the Clever coffee dripper, allowing them to switch between immersion and drip brewing. This makes the coffee more complex and layered, developing a body while retaining the fruity, nuanced flavours. The service was great, and the ambience of the place was nice and minimalist. You could see the love the brewers have for the coffee as you watch them brew your coffee. Their precision and attention to detail about the time of extraction reflects the amount of TLC they put into each cup, and I highly recommend paying them a visit. I’ll be back soon to try out other coffees and their cakes!
Iced Latte ($4.50) This coffee place is cosy and filled with coffee fragrance. Definitely a great place to order a cup of coffee and relax during the weekend. P/S: Also available at Burpple Beyond
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Cod Fish & Chips ($28) Unlike the usual Dory, the cod fish & chips has a more tender, creamier taste. This was good on its own without the tar tar sauce! I find cod in general can taste a bit jelat if there's too much of it, but the portion here was just right. The fries and tangy salad also brought a good balance to the creaminess of the cod. A satisfying meal!
Tenderloin Steak ($49) This place has been around for a really long time so it gives a sense of nostalgia especially for the older folks when you eat there. They have a dinner menu consisting of an appetizer, main, dessert and tea/coffee. Food is good and up to standard. The steak was cooked to the doneness I wanted, vegetables were fresh and potatoes were good. Appetizer was a portobello salad, but the tomatoes soaked in balsamic vinegar were way too sour for me. Dessert was a custard puff with ice cream which ends the meal well.
Delicious, Simple, And Value For Money Brought my parents here since they’ve been craving scones ever since we came back from a trip to England, and the scones here did not disappoint. These scones are light and fluffy on the inside but with a nice crust. They paired very well with the cream and homemade strawberry jam. Apart from scones, the Devonshire cream tea set consists of: - two sandwiches (cucumber and salmon for us) which were decent - cake - a pot of tea (I ordered Ceylon tea and it was from Dilmah). At 11.50++ per set, this is the cheapest afternoon tea set I’ve had in Singapore and it’s delicious.
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Lunch Set ($14) Really wanted to like and support this place cause they’re always so empty but I’m sad to say that this wasn’t good :( The set is comes with a soup + salad + sandwich + drink. The french onion soup and iced lemon tea were pretty standard, not good but not terrible. The salad was a few of leaves topped with a ready-made sauce squeeze from a tube. But the sandwich though - baguette that was likely to be frozen and thawed in the fridge (it wasn’t even reheated) and 2 slices of super dry roast beef. :( wish cafes would take more pride in the food they served!!
Always love a good cup of coffee. Throwback to my lovely cup of coffee at @whiskcafesg ============================ WHISK CAFE @WHISKCAFESG 📍58 Seng Poh Road 📍01-15 📍Singapore (160058) 🕛Tue-Thu: 9am-7pm 🕛Fri-Sat: 9am-11pm 🕛Sun: 9am-9pm 🕛Closed Monday ============================ Blog: ============================ Eatdreamlove made an anonymous visit and paid its own meal here ============================ #burpple #singapore
Miss a nice cup of hot chocolate on a rainy day like this! ============================ WHISK CAFE @WHISKCAFESG 📍58 Seng Poh Road 📍01-15 📍Singapore (160058) 🕛Tue-Thu: 9am-7pm 🕛Fri-Sat: 9am-11pm 🕛Sun: 9am-9pm 🕛Closed Monday ============================ Blog: ============================ Eatdreamlove made an anonymous visit and paid its own meal here ============================ #burpple #singapore
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