Appetizer. Abundant crab meat on thin potato skins. Unique yet tasty. Definitely worth a try

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Fish is tender and big pieced. Not very flavorful, so u need to eat with the sparse sauce. Mash potato is also lightly flavored. Overall it's a healthy dish and filling enough

Pork jowl with riso pasta was good, though the fish is a better choice. Scallop starter was refreshing with fresh raw scallops. Dessert was a bit disappointing with too many tastes on a plate.

Ordered the bo luo Bao, egg tart, yam roll, hakau, xo carrot cake, siew mai and 2 cheong funs. Cost $80 for 3 pax. Not bad, really quality food though I wasn't very wowed. Service is good, no chasing was done even we exceeded the 1 hr.

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Not too sweet and texture is just nice. Not too fluffy nor solid. Like the blueberries better than the maple syrup, though the syrup is not bad too

Anchovy riceballs taste great w its crunchy anchovy. Tuna kimchi one is a bit disappointing as it is abit wet and riceball turns out soggy


Delicious soup base with chewy ramen. The one w chilli paste taste more shiok and its not too spicy

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Deep fried chicken. Taste is good as its deeply marinated and well cooked. But its too oily. Wouldnt order it the next time

Came on a sat afternoon. No crowd. Food is served fast. Just warm enough for you to dip in. Fresh ingredients, but ordered the non spicy w garlic taste is only normal. Great food, but will consider twice before coming due to high price

Dont expect to find your usual dim sum here. Didnt find my fav veg dumpling. Their dim sum is more classy and expensive. But it taste great and very filling too. Char siew sou and pan fried chee cheong fun is highly recommended. Service is great. Food is served quick. Tea is refilled constantly

Super crispy surface with lots of ingredient in it! It doesnt taste soggy even after a long period. This is so far the most tasty pancake i ever tried