Fresh cuts of premium sashimi that include uni & ikura served on a decent portion of high quality sushi rice, worth the lunchtime set price point that includes a salad + dessert.

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This white version is absolutely yummy and the pasta al dente, very much to my liking! Prices are a little on the high side but we were pleased as lunch after the meal.

Pricey but yummy and not greasy at all. Give it a shot! $18++

A yummy and sizeable burger served with fries and real onion rings at a pretty fancy establishment with excellent service! The bacon strips were thick and it wasn’t too salty. Burger month ends Dec 2018.

Yummy over the top milkshake that surprisingly wasn’t too cloyingly sweet! Just really too pricey for a load of calories

This restaurant has a great date night feel and very attentive servers with quality service. The food isn’t exceptional - the lamb rack was decent but forgettable and portions are on the small side

This beats Saboten’s hands down, which I usually consider a fairly good katsu. This is s nice juxtaposition of crisp breading and tender pork loin with the right balance of fat. The rice is superbly fluffy and chewy and getting additional servings comes at no cost - except to the detriment of your waistline

Pretty plating but the best part of the dish was actually the veggies on the side.

The waffle was too soggy for my liking but the chicken was sizeable and the maple butter was good. You could make a pass on this.

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The most expensive plate of pasta I’ve ever had ($88) and certainly the most memorable. If you’re an Uni or truffle lover this is definitely a must try! I’d highly recommend it