Eating ice cream makes me happy. It’s a mouth-watering dessert for everyone. Have came here to share one of my marvelous experience of eating ice creams.well, before starting my experience let me tell you that my favorite flavor of ice cream is’ coconut. whenever I eat it I feel as if I have entered is so relaxing so soothing experience to enjoy it that my whole body is lost in some other world. This coconut ice cream from Mr.coconut is not only makes one’s heart happy but relaxes it’s soul also.Best ice cream i’ve ever tasted.its also not that expensive 4.90$. This is my best dessert treat in Singapore. I love those that are not too sweet , and its definitely not to sweet . Every one should try this one. They added some peanut , coconut milk , and oreo biscuits, thus enhanced the taste. Love their ice cream. Its my favourite now✨

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