People always say to not judge a book by its cover but y'all hypocrites. This brings me to the point that don't judge a food solely by it's appearance (the visuals) cause I ain't into this instagram famous waffle as much as I'm for the ice cream😛

Food review:
(1) Strawberry waffle - if you're a fan of whipped cream and strawberries, then you'd love this! Sadly, my girls and I aren't really a big fan, but then don't let this deter you from trying it out! The strawberries was a mix of sweet and sour; it tasted good with a thin layer of whipping cream (if you LOVE the cream you should try spreading thicker layer) on the waffle, strawberries and a bit of honey.

(2) Chrysanthemum soft serve with brownie - there were 3 choices: (i) cup, comes with Chrysanthemum jelly (ii) with brownie (iii) with waffle. We wanted brownie so we went for that. The brownie was soft, warm and moist; it goes well with the soft serve. The highlight for this dessert was of course the soft serve, and IT DID NOT DISAPPOINT. Preference wise, we don't prefer foods that are too sweet so this soft serve is just sweet enough to feed our sweet tooth. The aroma of chrysanthemum could be tasted in each scoop (this is making me want to go back for it again🤤).

(1) RM19
(2) RM16 - if not mistaken

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This photo isn't the best but their salted egg croissant and mocha are! Despite being slightly smaller in size for its price, it is 💯 worth its price - the croissant was crispy and you can ((actually)) taste the texture of salted egg yolk in their sauce! Not thinking that it was funny, we ordered all 3 of their mocha: milk, dark chocolate and extra dark chocolate. They were sweet enough to my liking (not sweet at all to most people, lol). Definitely the best mochas I've ever had.😌 Their big breakfast(?) is delicious as well! The environment of this cafe was lovely as well, aesthetic.😍🍂 Gosh, I'm already wanting to visit them again for brunch🤤

Mocha - RM10/cup
Big breakfast(?) - RM23
Salted Egg Croissant - RM7.50 (i think)

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7 January 2018: This cafe/restaurant located along Jalan Panglima, a few shops opposite of Plan B seemed to be patronised by locals rather than tourists. The environment of the place is cosy with cushioned seats and the staff were relatively friendly.

We ordered smoothies, juices, soup, speghetti, and a Marry Go Round. Their smoothies are served in a bulb bottle, a very cool way to present their drinks. Their drinks (overall juice & smoothes price range in menu RM9~11) seem to be freshly squeezed/blended as the orange juice tasted like freshly squeezed oranges - not sweet/generic! Their mushroom soup (RM9) carries mushroom-y texture which you don't find in most cafes. If you're one who enjoys spicy food, you'd enjoy their Aglio Olio Roast Duck Spaghetti (RM23). Personally, I find the spiciness just right, with the correct proportion of duck meat and halved cherry tomatoes to go with. Marry Go Round (main/brunch set, unsure; RM22) consists of fries, some unidentifiable sauce, meat, and mango/papaya salad. The salad was refreshing to consume, and the meat tasted delicious.

7 January 2018: This was the place recommended by internet people for their tarts. The tarts are sold by a friendly (old) couple. There is a few choices of tarts for you to choose from: original eggtart, pandan tart, coconut tart and Portuguese Macau tart; with price range of RM2~4 per piece. Fear not if you couldn't read the chinese labels for the tarts, the friendly couple will introduce you the tarts. They are capable to converse in English.

As I did not consume the tart immediately, hence I was not able to savour the tart "fresh out of Sunday's oven". Oddly the egg of eggtart carried a tinge of nangka taste, but the creaminess of the eggtart makes me want more! The skin of the tarts were also good: puff-pastry-skin-like taste.

7 January 2018: Located in Concubine Lane is this tau fu fa shop whose furniture are made up of wooden stools (木凳子) and tables. Their tau fu fa is served hot and there is a variety for you to choose from. I ordered their Bird Nest Tau Fu Fa (燕窝豆花), priced at RM3. Unlike those you find in KL, the texture of their tau fu fa is super smooth! They don't serve it too sweet, but for those who prefer it sweeter, they do provide brown sugar to add in.

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