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👊 This cream of spinach pie with cauliflower and pumpkins, topped with mash, peas and brown sauce was super good though! And filling too. 😍 #onepunchtrooper

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😢 That's why I was deprived of it until I turned 18.
When a friend finally brought me to a durian farm in Balik Pulau, only then did I realize what I had been missing out on. 😮
So here we are today, still making up for lost time, and this fella gets himself stuck under one of these fruits. I should just leave him be... 😑 #kitapunya

🙂 Looks like you could use some help. 💪

💩 A couple of these juicy legs will get you back up on your feet.


🍸 Espresso mojito - shots of espresso with lime juice and mint. (not too sure what else they put in)