Excellent service provided by the staff. The environment is laidback and good for private events or date nights. This is one of the signature dishes. It has crispy skin and tender meats.

The food is amazing, but we were told to sit outside because the seats are occupied currently. We agreeded to that if they let us in once the seats from inside are available. They said, "Sure". However, they didn't let us in when the seats are available. When I confronted the staff, they simply replied, "We are overbooked!". Shouldn't you be telling that to us upfront instead of making us sit beside the smoking corner under the hot sun with a promise to move us in? We had to wait 1 hour for food in humid weather with constant secondhand smokes. Please don't even get me started on the chances of having bird dropping on your plate if you sit outside. Very bad experience, won't be back again.