Lovely and creamy. Went really well with the avocado toast.

I was originally seated at table G2, right next to the water feature outside. My flat white ($6) was served first. Before I could drink it, my roach radar went on high alert and I looked down to see a fat cockroach taking a stroll on the bottom side of the water feature, right next to my table. I scrambled up and immediately moved to table E1. So traumatized that I forgot to take photo of my coffee (which was excellent by the way). If u are as terrified of cockroaches as I am, I recommend sitting well away from the water feature. Seats inside the cafe looked comfy and cozy. Service was great too. But my experience is forever marred by the cockroach encounter.

I ordered this with a side of scrambled eggs but it was served on its own, cos they ran out of scrambled eggs and needed to do a new batch. I wanted to eat them together so I had to wait while this went stone cold. Wished they had given me the option of delaying this to be served with the eggs. I was ok to wait cos my truffles fries were already served.

On the positive side, scrambled eggs came hot and creamy. And the avocado was really fresh and wholesome. Just a little odd to have hot eggs with cold toast. I would still give this combi high marks cos I could imagine how much more delicious it could have been if both were nice and hot.

Freshly fried and very hot. Couldn’t detect much truffle smell but the fries tasted very good. The white sauce had a slight garlicky taste to it so I really liked it.

This was the replacement, tasted the same: cold rice on the hard side. I ended up scrapping the rice off... Manager came and was really nice abt it. Offered a 10% discount without me asking, and told me to look for him on a return visit and he would guarantee satisfactory food.

But I won’t be going back. This place was almost full house on a Wed night, and occupying such a large space, must be sthg good. It wasn’t. The server I approached near the sushi counter (a lady with tied up hair) told me to check in. She neglected to tell me that I shd wait at the hostess’ table, so my wait was longer than necessary as other people came to queue while I was waiting at the wrong side. No biggie, but when the bill took a long time to come and I asked the same lady server, she raised her voice at me yelling,”I DID NOT TAKE YOUR CARD!” I was dumbfounded. Approached the manager and he got my card back for me. But with a stack of credit card charge slips that made no sense. (By the way, diff areas of the restaurant had separate billing. So my Asian orders and pasta order each had a bill) The hostess couldn’t decipher them either, so the manager had to come back and explain that his colleague didn’t give me the 10% discount so he had to void all the charges and charge my card again. An explanation at the point of card return would have been nice....

Aside from the manager and hostess, the service was very very poor. Prices are quite high and there is the possibility of getting shouted at. Dining here was definitely the lowest point of my Sentosa staycation.

I didn’t like this at all. It was quite cold and the rice was on the hard side. Not at all what I expected given the price. I feedback to the server (a young lady) and she immediately said she will tell the chef and whisked it away, not giving any options on what could be done. I thought it would be pointless to get a replacement since the rice would probably be the same so I asked another server if I could cancel this dish and order another. But I was informed that they had already started frying the prawn, so I just hoped for the best...

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This was the best dish for the night. The pasta was al dente and very well seasoned. Though the prawns were disappointingly not deveined, they were fresh and sweet. I asked for extra garlic. Very delicious.

This was basically calamari with bits of spring onion & sliced chili. Paired with a ketchupy sauce on the side. Crispy and delicious. Sotong was well fried, not over cooked.

This was very very hot, even after I’ve finished my bowl of ramen. But the cheese was great, grilled and chewy at the bottom and melted on top. Loved it.

This was the real deal. The garlic oil was not just a black oily substance floating on top, I could actually smell and taste it. The garlic chips helped too I’m sure. Excellent soup. Pork slices were thick and melt in the mouth, very good. The egg was superb. Just look at the orange gooey yolk! 😍🤤

This was different from the chili vinaigrette dry ramen in their menu. Still spicy but no strong spices and no vinegar. It was really good. I much prefer this to the vinaigrette one. The best thing was that it came with a bowl of piping hot shrimp broth. It was much thicker and packed a bigger stronger punch than the broth in their soup version. I couldn’t get enough of it. Amazing. They need to make this a regular item in their menu. Came with 2 fresh prawns, 3 ebiko prawn paste balls and 2 prawn dumplings.

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The spices used in this chili vinaigrette was strong and quite pungent. Not as sour as I preferred. Spicy level was ok

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The dumplings didn’t shrink in size, unlike the ebiko one. Maybe cos there was pork inside the dumpling so they didn’t need to downsize to save cost. Very yummy. The shrimp broth was steaming hot and filled with umami goodness. Loved it.

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