The main star of the dish is the mouth-watering braised pork! Tasty and tender, you can truly feel the umami taste from the pork juice. Served with white rice, Japanese egg, cucumber and mushrooms.

Psstt...Get this bowl for just $9.9 (from $13.9) by joining Waa Cow!’s telegram group.

Had their Ichikokudo’s Regular broth (there are 3 variants - regular, light and special).
Unexpectedly pleasant experience! The noodle is chewy and the broth is rich and thick, combined with the generous amount of nori. Pretty happy with the price and quality given.

And the most surprising element is it is a Halal-ramen. So the chashu is chicken chashu instead of the classic pork chashu. The 2 pieces of chicken chashu are tasty. Overall, great place to hangout with your Halal friends.

At first it was quite nice. The sauce was sweet instead of normal shoyu sauce. However, after a while it became quite jelat. The dish felt so thick and heavy because of the sweet sauce mixed with onsen egg. Furthermore, the wagyu beef has some fat layers, resulted in ‘super oily’ feeling.

Based on the price point, it was not a bad deal; yet not what somethint I would go back for.

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Super pretty dessert! Definitely one of the most instagrammable dimsum place in Singapore.

Taste wise, I prefer the mahjong pudding. It tastes like the classic milk pudding. The piggy one is a little bit jelat for me, especially the texture is a bit too soft and not as chewy as the mahjong. Totally don’t like the white sauce (taste like skim milk) - was hoping it was thicker & sweeter.

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Tried the mango-peach sorbet. Extremely refreshing! For those who just had heavy meals, this is perfect. The texture is very light so you wouldn’t feel so full after eating. Moreover, you are guilt-free as all the ice cream here is SUGAR-FREE, yet still taste super great.

The place is quite small (only 3 tables) but definitely worth a visit. You can try the take-home tubs as well to have your sugar-free gelato at home. Psstt... The mango peach sorbet quite sour so if you don’t fancy sour so much, try the strawberry milkshake or lychee vanilla. Or have the signature mushan king durian.

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[Burpple Eatup] An exclusive dish available only in Suntec branch. For those who loves that numbing sensation - this is definitely for you! The beehoon is soft and smooth yet spicy; combined with fresh seafood. Really love the prawn, cuttlefish chunk was a bit too big for me so probably can cut into smaller piece.

The chirashi is decent, yet nothing extraordinary. The fish roe given is generous, the sashimi are fresh, however, the portion is not as huge as I expected as it is quite pricey ($22); compared to the other dishes.

For 1-for-1 offer, it is not a bad option, but I would not go for a full-price. I would think twice if I would like to visit again! Especially if the service team is still not friendly as per what I experienced during my first visit.

Wah never expected the sushi in a ramen place will be this good! Honestly, I like the sushi better than the ramen. The rice was wrapped with 2 roasted salmon, topped with warm mentai sauce... yummm, the melting sensation is unforgetable. The dish is served very fast (within 10 minutes), making it a perfect appetizer.

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Chocolate + Coffee + Mint = Wicked Mocha

Never tried this drink anywhere before so definitely try it while you drop Ronin! It’s wickedly effective to wake me up from my morning sleepyhead.

I really the ambience, especially the huge table where 10 people can sit together. Best place to have morning conversation with some interesting strangers. No wonder this place is super popular within expats community.

My classic go-to milk tea.
Strong tea taste, combined with fresh milk. Always opted for 0% sugar, as I find the sugar makes the tea taste weird. Added some chewy grassjelly (no additional charge) which goes well with the tea as it provides some sweet element.

Go before 12pm so you would beat the queue.

Definitely one of the most underrated dishes in this place. The salmon comes in huge chunks, bringing out the fresh chewy salmon texture as you can bite and chew! Honestly I prefer my salmon to be served in chunks rather than diced into small cubes. The tamago and cucumber are also quite fresh.

I find this menu less jelat than the salmon mentai and truffle wagyu. There are 2 sizes - small ($13.90) and regular ($18.90). Small is just nice for a small eater like me.

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A little disappointed when my food was not served warm. The chorizo was okay yet the beef was not juice as I expected. Poached eggs were perfectly done, yet I wish they were warm. Brioche is quite nice, crunchy skin yet tender bread. The star of the dish is really the potato! I like how the potato is seasoned and roasted.

TL;DR - order the one with chef head icon (Wild Honey signature dishes). This Spanish is definitely not.