Oozing cheese inside the juicy beef patty! Don’t forget to pair it with the sweet tamago from the egg bar. Best combo!

Pretty disappointing. Sauce is bland, chicken is tasteless, pasta does not really blend with the sauce well.

I guess pasta is not Poulet’s forte. Consider twice before ordering. Order the chicken for a safer bet

For those craving traditional Indonesian bubur ayam (chicken porridge), Tanamera Coffee has an authentic recipe! Served with peanuts, shredded egg, celery as well as 3 types of sauces (sweet soysauce, chili & tamarind) to suit your preference.

They also have sate ayam (chicken satay) marinated in crumbled peanut & sweet soysauce with a hint of cabe (chili). Ask for less spicy if you are not used too Indonesian-level of spiciness.

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Thick and milky avocado, combine with sweet mayo and fresh salmon roll. Super oishii. Love this dish more than their salmon mentai don and curry rice.

The downside is you only have 45 mins dine-in time and they are VERY STRICT about it.

Had the degustation set ($68) which offers tasting menu for both the sweet and savoury selections.

Unexpectedly, I like the savoury pastries much better than the sweet eclairs! The only impressive eclair was the Ispahan, which is a combination of rose and lychee cream. All the other eclairs were overshadowed by the savoury pastries.

My top three savoury pastries here will be the spinach quiche, the chicken pie as well the parmesan scone.

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Tldr - perfect place for cozy gathering who loves American comfort food

Chicken ‘N’ Watermelon ‘N’ Waffles - star dish. Chicken is super crispy and yummy, watermelon got some spiced for a twist, while waffle is so-so for me.

Smoked Pork Ribs - warm, tender, and fatty. The waiter recommended us to eat this first as it wouldn’t be as nice when we eat it cold.

Mac & Cheese - baked macaroni in five artisanal cheeses and crispy herb crust. This can make a mac & cheese hater to have a second serving!

Please note the portion is rather big. So they are meant to be for sharing. I also loved the cozy wooden ambience, reminding me of the American cottage house.

The MVP of the dishes is this Japanese-style Cheese Platter.
Totally unexpected, but they are extremely good! I have never seen another Asian-flavour cheese platter so this is definitely something unique and worth trying.

From the top left, clockwise:
1. Miso Cheese - Smooth and light - cream cheese texture
2. Crab-Butter Cheese on rice cracker - tasty & “seafoody” - paste texture on a crunchy cracker
3. Konbu Soyu Cheese on a flavoured cracker - sweet & umami - my favourite blend of sweet cheese with umami cracker
4. Smoked radish & Cream Cheese - sour & creamy - fun combo as the radish is hard and sour, while the cheese is silky and creamy

Will definitely come back for this cheese platter.
Note: their oden is also super good, but this cheese platter is just mind-blowing.

Hai Di Lao has never been the cheapest hotpot in town, yet it never disappoints either. Moreover, the service from the team is what really sets them apart.

My go-to broth will be the tomato with either mala, mushroom or herbal. Beef slices are fresh, the veggie mix is also a good option even though it is a bit pricy. Some people like the tofu skin, but I don’t fancy it that much.

Once you are done with your meal, they will pro ide soda drinks, cut fruits as well as ice cream. Hao chi!

Tldr - order the classic crab-broth ramen instead to avoid disappointment.

Unsatisfying. This “fusion” between crab-broth ramen and Singaporean-style fried omelet did not gel well. The flavour was flat and the omelet became overly soggy.

Choosing limbo fish today! It is a good pairing with the green pepper. I personally think the “numb” and “spice” for the green pepper is tolerable for a novice in eating spicy food like me. However, the soup feels too salty for my liking, so I always eat the fist with rice, to moderate the saltiness.

1 limbo fish is suitable for 2-3 people.


Crusty bread, topped with oozing cheese & gooey sunny-side egg. Eat all the 3 in one bite and you get your perfect start for the day.

Don’t forget to try the donut & jam to prevent you feeling too jelat.

So far Paradise’s lamian never disappointed me. The lamian is chewy, topped with slice pork, steamed bokchoy, mushroom and brown egg. The best part is the soup, which is the light yet rich in flavour tonkotsu broth. It feels light and satisfying after eating this Chinese delicacy