Definitely worth it!


UNI PASTA - creamy and smooth fresh Uni that melts instantly in your mouth! Highly recommended!!

Super worth it! Excellent view and yummy food! Highly recommended for anyone who wants Mexican food!

The IMPOSSIBLE burger was such a great deal, juicy and yummy! Definitely worth taking a 1-for-1 deal! Classic cheese burger if you want an alternative to go with the deal!

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Interior of the place is cute, warm and cozy. The food portions were quite small, but the taste is unique. For the price paid, would say it’s interesting to try once! Used the Burple 6 course set meal.
To note that although it says it’s 6 course set meal, 4 of them are sharing plates...

The taste is awesome and definitely worth the time and price! Will come back! Burpple, where is the one for one? We need it back!

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They allow you to choose the intensity of the chocolate. We chose one 88% and 70%. 88% is definitely tasting like dark choc and 70% is just nice for people who like milk choc! 70% is also not too sweet, which is good!

This is a super worth it 1 for 1 lunch set! It comes at a slightly lower price than the restaurant’s own lunch set! Fresh, smooth and chewy seafood! Irresistible deal! 👍🏻

One of the best ramen in Singapore! Soft and tender chicken thigh and oozing lava eggs! Such a perfect combination for a rainy day! 1-for-1 would make this more than perfect!

If you are a fan of Little Nyona, this would fix your Peranakan pangs! The dishes were tasty and well marinated! Beside the slightly small portion, the 1-for-1 deal is definitely worth it!

A fluffy and yummy pancake!! Definitely a must try!

The burger was crispy and juicy! Choose the cut of meat you like and add on whatever you enjoy! The 1 for 1 deal was definitely worth it!