Done with predominant flaming red hot sauce. Taste like 五香 (five-spice) chilli sauce but consistent like Korean style.

Where to get cheap and good crumble! Slight sweetness over sour and crunchy crumble! Your adrenaline dessert!

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All-time favourite choice of ice cream! Strong and royal milk tea! KitKat biscuit! Tell me what can go wrong with this combination.


Especially on a cold or rainy days, a bowl of Got dessert will never go wrong! Love how the rice ball blend in with almond soup. For the very first time I have this combination. It actually tasted good!


Enriched with crispy pork lard and oil. You won't be sorry for the strong pork lard taste and the calories gained! This noodle is way better than the main dish, Bak Kut Teh!

served with thick cut crispy fries topped with salted egg yolk sauce, crispy curry leaves, chilli flakes and toasted butter sugar cereal. Savoury fries! Sinful but shiok!