Took Lae Dee is a chain restaurant in Thailand since 1985 and has been popular with Thais and expats. They are also open 24 hours a day. When translated, their business name literally means "Cheap & Good".

The Boat Noodle with Pork, better known as Kway Tiaw Reua in Thai, is one of my favourite soup noodles. There is a choice of noodles with either Kway Teow or Glass Noodle. The bowl was filled with lean meat and meatballs. It was a comforting bowl of food but I will prefer the broth to be more flavourful.

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Xing Hua cuisine is one of my favourite cuisines and just recently I came across some social media posts about such cuisine, thus it leads to my cravings. One of us suggested heading to Yishun Heng Hua Restaurant for a try as she find that the food is pretty decent there.

We order a set meal for two at $32 which includes:

1) Herbs-Food Prawns in Bamboo Shoot 药膳竹筒虾
2)Deep Fried Slices of "Tenggui Fish" 炸马鲛鱼
3)Braised Bean Curd with 豆皮芥兰
4) Lor Mee / Mee Sua / Bee Hoon
5) Free Dessert 赠送甜品

as well as some other dishes to share among us. Xing Hua Restaurant is tucked at the far end corner of the HDB block.

Those who enjoy herbal soup may enjoy this dish. The number of prawns given was generous and the size of the prawn was relatively big. The natural-tasting soup in the Bamboo Shoot has a good subtle seafood taste in its light herbal taste.

I'm glad that they have this in their set menu. The fish is deep fruit to golden perfection and you can dip them in the homemade sauce with garlic.

A sweet gravy drenched on the pieces of braised bean curd and stirred fried with Kai Lan, slices of carrot and button mushrooms.

The White Lor Mee is also one of Xing Hua's Cuisine Staple Food to order. A version of Chinese La Mian soaked in a flavoursome broth and not as starchy as our traditional braised Lor Mee style. It was a comforting bowl of food especially when it was a wet day. The Lor Mee had included some crispy Pork Belly and vegetables in it.

The set meal includes a free dessert and it was white fungus with red date. It was refreshing and not so sweet. What a good ending to our meal.

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Ice Cream texture was creamy and smooth. The level of sweetness works well for me.

Double Scoops of Ice Cream will cost $6.50 with Premium ones at an additional dollar. The Sea Salt Matcha caught my eye as I thought such a combination of Green Tea with hints of sea salt is rather special. The natural bitterness of Matcha added with salt was not too bad as a whole with sweetness other than the ice cream.

While the Creme Brûlée is also a premium selection among all the flavours. This French Classic dessert with caramelised sugar and biscuits is likewise addictive.

The classic Strawberry Milk is made of Japanese Milk and was light in taste which suits my style while the Hazelnut Crunch has a pleasant nut fragrant with Nutella swirls with caramelised biscuits in it.

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Do not judge the book by its cover. The beef balls in the soup make look plain and plain with stingy amount of broth but this simple looking bowl of soup still remain as tasty as before. The flavour tasted full-bodied and was filled with natural sweetness from beef bone broth.

The beef balls are still undeniably chewy and bouncy with beefy flavor in every bite. These are very addictive.
Every piece of YTF tasted fresh and appetizing. As you reach the bottom of the soup with the spoon, you will realize that there are a handful amount of soya beans.
The Hakka Noodle is similar to Mee Pok just that they are narrower in size. The execution of Hakka Noodles usually topped with a handful amount of minced meat.

The special part of the Soon Kueh as compared to the usual ones we had was that the skin was made with yam.

Soon Kueh was plump and had chewy skin. Ingredients were filled to the brim with turnip, mushrooms, shrimp, black fungus etc.

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Assam Curry Fish Head

Our dish was served piping hot on the plate with the fire warming the fish. It was covered with vegetables such as onions, lady fingers. tomato and long beans.

The gravy was appetizing and a great pairing to our plates of white rice. Fish was tender and fresh.

Oats Sotong

The dish is not up to my expectation as the taste of Oats does not marry well with the Sotong. Though fragrant is there and the texture of Sotong is chewy, somehow the taste was lacking in this combination.

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If you have been to Clementi 448 Market & Food Centre, there are a number of stalls that are visibly popular among the rest and one of them is none other than Kian Seng Lor Mee Prawn Mee Laksa stall. You will notice that the stall always have a long queue lining up since early in the morning and that prove the number of die hard fans they have!

I joined the long queue and wanted to order some bowls of Laksa but ended up disappointed as it was all sold out.

The bowl of Lor Mee and thick Lor Sauce that was not too cloying or starchy. It also have a generous portion of pork belly, Ngoh Hiong, slices of fish cakes and braised egg. Apparently, such traditional and unpretentious bowl of Lor Mee is well liked by the heart landers.

To be honest, the 3 dishes on the menu were the regulars all time favourite. The taste of Prawn Noodle was traditional with 4 small prawns in a bowl, lean meat, fishcakes. If you are looking for traditional Prawn Noodle taste with a decent prawn broth, this will fit the bill.

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The Charcoaled Fired Fish Steamboat was what I was craving for! Drinking down the warm soup definitely keep the stomach comfortable in such a cold day.

If you are ordering Fish Head Steamboat, it will cost $28 instead. We had the fish meat version by topping up $10. The pot was filled with generous amount of vegetables, cabbages, tomato, yam and pieces of fish meat.

There were a handful of fish meat chunks among the soup and the portion is more than enough for 2 pax.

One of the essential ingredients will be the blocks of yam included in the steamboat soup. No doubt that the soup is already flavorful, I still prefer the yam blocks to be fried a little before including them into the soup.

The soup is refillable at the service of the servers. Soup tasted sweet and a tad on the sour side, I guess they have included plums in it too which make the soup appetizing and addictive to me.

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While their Belgian Waffles are one of the must-order, I had 2 scoops of ice cream, Raspberry and Cookies & Cream on it. The elegant piped fresh cream on the ice cream and waffle had completed our meal.

I'm glad that Waffletown make a comeback for all their supporters as we really miss such nostalgic taste from their fried chicken. However, due to a shortage of manpower, they will be opening from 5pm to 9pm except Monday till further notice.

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The Signature Hua Diao Phoenix Soup comes with a bottle of Hua Diao Wine, a bowl of chicken meat already soaked with wine and some ingredients like red dates, Goji Berries and Ginger. The server will light up the fire on the bowl of chicken meat and then slowly include the meat and ingredients to the soup base.

The Ala Carte Buffet Items can be ordered via the tablet. We can order unlimited times for items that are stated as "Buffet Item" in the Tablet, other than that, the items are chargeable at the indicated pricing.

Finally, I can strike off COCA from my list. Comparing the hot pot restaurants available in Singapore, there are better ones out there.

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The Teochew Special Porridge on the menu was something that caught our eyes for it was served in an earthen claypot, unlike the rest. The pot of porridge was topped with chopped spring onions as well as some crispy fish stripes.

The pot of porridge tasted homely and was flavourful, a good reminiscent of what I used to have back home. Ingredients were generous with clams, scallops, liver, pork and crispy fish stripes.

The flavours of the porridge were not only made up of the variety of meat and seafood but the natural sweetness from the vegetables.

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The Ship's Lobster Specials whereby patrons can get a Baked Half Lobster Thermidor with one of the following:
Grilled Ribeye Steak
Grilled Dory Fish
Grilled Pork Chop
Grilled Chicken Chop
Grilled Lamb
The dish was served with sauteed potatoes and vegetables. Each lobster set includes the soup of the day. Dessert of the day/ Ice cream / tea/ coffee / soft drinks.

The baked half lobster Thermidor was creamy and cheesy. Tasty but as usual lobster meat's portion is just never enough nor satisfying.

Accompanying the Lobster Thermidor, I had 2 slabs of yummy pork chop with some mashed pineapple sauce. The recipe for their pork chop and pineapple sauce still remains throughout the years. The pineapple sauce was on the sour side and was a perfect combination to these juicy pieces of pork chop.

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Beer battered fish fillet was fried to golden brown and served with potatoes fries, vegetables and tartar sauce. I was elated that the fish n chips had met the expectations.

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