The soup is creamy and usually come in small bowl, upsize if you want to. Interesting thing is the noodles are cut into short strands for easy consumption, so it’s served with a spoon!

The char siew claypot rice is good. Ebi fried rice is mediocre. Perhaps it’s understaffed at the moment so it’s quite hard to get a hold of them when ordering and footing the bill.

The place was full on a weekday night. Thankfully the wait was not very long. The pork chop sauce is heavenly! Pork chop itself is rather mediocre. Mashed potato is a go while the vongole is a no.

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The boba filled bun in cereal is surprisingly good though the initial skepticism over the boba hype.

Enjoy the dessert in the form of BCM. Recommend Non-entree for their local twist of desserts!

Recommend the mushroom truffle and smoked duck pizza. All pizzas only in one size (8”), just nice for 1 person. Service is excellent as they are willing to accommodate to my earlier timing.

This place is like a maze with amazing coffee and matcha latte.

The fries are okay, shake is good. The price doesn’t justify it, could have gotten good gourmet burger for the price range~

It resembles chilli panmee in a Japanese way. This is the original Tawainese mazesoba flavor anyway. Opt for free noodle upsize or rice add-on if you have leftover toppings!

Honestly they taste great! The Swiss roll is delectable (taste wise is similar to bacon cupcake) and the ice-cream is so creamy!! The ice-cream is very fine, no, you can’t taste the bacon bits. It’s more of a mix of sweet and savory that gets one addicted to it.

It’s a place for comfort food if you crave for pho. Order the spring rolls as side too!

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Instead of the usual set, I prefer this plain style with the basic. It’s only $3.20.