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Latte With Biscotti On The Side Always love how they serve their food and drinks. The latte is made with the right amount of foam, expresso and milk which is easy to drink while chatting with friends. Get window seats to catch the sunset and people-watch.
Artistic & Elegant Meal My friends and I ordered 2 x Sunbathed Mermaid - Pan Seared Cajun Salmon ($18 each) , Oven Roasted Beef Back Ribs ($28) & Boston Love Boat - Cioppino ($28). The Sunbathed Mermaid - Pan Seared Cajun Salmon is a simple classic, comfort food which consist of salmon, asparagus, red cabbage, cherry tomatoes and lemon butter with a side of waffle fries. It looks simple but the vegetables is saturated perfectly and the lemon butter sauce compliments well with the salmon. I heard of pork and lamb ribs but it is my first time heard of beef ribs which Oven Roasted Beef Back Ribs is all about. I would expect it to be served in a steakhouse or rib restaurant than in an elegant restaurant hence I didn't expect much. However, the beef ribs served is delicious too. It is paired with a delicious sweet potato fries. Lastly is the Boston Love Boat - Cioppino which is seafood with tomato broth in a bowl in covered by puff pastry. The seafood given is generous. Spent a total of $54.14 after using eatigo discount of 50%. I would also like to thank the staff for letting me buy a cake from outside to have it later at their restaurant and storing it for me. One thing could be improve on is to have better lighting in the restaurant.
Have you been to the new outlet at Plaza Singapura? Opening Promotion at 15% discount! All price listed below are before discount ☕️ Refreshing Cold Lychee Tea ($11). Looks pretty right 😉 But the design was not practical as the tiny opening inside was always blocked by the ice cubes & made it difficult to pour out the tea 🤔 ☕️ We super super love the Honey Chicken Mid-Joint Wings ($10) as the honey garlic soy sauce was so addictive 😋 🍗 Crab Cakes on toasted brioche buns ($25) was too slimy though the soft boiled eggs were very well executed 🙃 🦀 Mini Burgers ($16) were tender & juicy! Waffle Fries were crispy & moist! 🍔 Ricotta Cheese Ravioli ($18) was yummy! It was soft & thin but the cheese was slightly too mild 🧀 Thai Milk Tea Lava Cake ($10) didn’t flow 😕 But the taste was good! We would prefer the plain Vanilla ice cream instead of this scoop with rum 😛 🍦 #burpple
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