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A refreshing blend of açai, pineapple, protein powder and coconut. It satisfied my acai cravings 😊

This don exceeded expectations! It came to $9.40 after GST. The chicken slices were thick and juicy and the onsen egg was perfectly runny. Perhaps it could do with less soy sauce but it was a comforting and filling bowl nonetheless 🥰.

Side note, I tried to use the platform M website where you can order items through your phone, but the site wasn’t secure. It hung after a while too LOL. Just go to the stall and order directly, it’s much faster.

Mala was served in generous portions! Prices go not by weight but by the kind of ingredients used. Will definitely hit this spot up again.

The wikiwiki 2.0 ($14) comes with raw salmon, red rice, kimchi, jalepeno, smashed avocado, tobiko, sesame and tahini dressing. With Burpple 1-for-1, it’s a fantastic deal.

I especially liked that it came with a generous portion of avocado. 🥰 will be back!!!

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Everyone talks about the kins’ burnt cheesecake, but hardly anyone mentions how delicious their coffees are.

Coffees were unpretentiously termed 3oz, 5oz, 7oz, according to how much milk was added to the cup.

I enjoyed the 5oz ($5) - it’s one of my favourites . Somehow drinking coffee in a ceramic mug adds to the experience, I don’t know why 🤷🏻‍♀️☺️ loved the chill ambience and will be back to try more ☺️