Roast jerk chicken, carrot and sweet potato mash, roasted garden vegetables, garlic broccoli, dried cranberries and farmhouse gravy. Chicken was very tender and moist, and everything was perfectly seasoned - no bland veggies here. This was a hearty and delicious protein bowl and we couldn’t stop raving as we ate it. That gravy just pulled everything together perfectly.

This massive platter with chicken and mutton fed 5 of us comfortably and we could not stop digging in! The long grained rice was tasty and full of flavour, but not at all oily, and the tender meat had been torched to give it that lovely smokey flavour. Am usually not a fan of mutton but in this case, the mutton was very well cooked and not too Camry. We also had a separate serving of chicken dum briyani and it was very very good as well. Huge fan of this. Go early since there is little seating!

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This was one of the best brunches we had. Asian-fusion brunch dishes which turned out way better than we expected. The Japanese scrambled eggs were a perfect balance of salty and sweet and very moreish with the Japanese pickles and that beef rendang eggs benny was 👌🏻 we also had the kaya matcha latte and the peanutella (a hot chocolate with Nutella and peanut butter, which despite its ingredients, was not too sweet at all!). FAVE.

This was our first meal upon arriving in Melbourne and in hindsight, one of our least favorites. It wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t great either, and with a price tag comparatively higher than a lot of other places, it just wasn’t up to standard despite all the great reviews. The salmon millefeuille was definitely interesting but I felt like it was missing some carbs to pull it all together. And the eggs & soldiers just felt a bit disjointed. Coffee was also only so-so.

A bit of an indulgence for lunch at $28 but a worthy one indeed. The slices of sashimi were very fresh and the prawns not slimy at all. Comes with a free bowl of salad, with 4 choices - sesame eggplant, wakame, potato salad and a normal green salad. Best of all - there was a blackout and their service recovery was 🥇 cos they only charged us for 1 out of our 2 mains. One of my fave places.

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This is one of my all time favorite pork dishes. The unctuous and unabashedly fatty pork is perfect with the pickled raisins which provide a perfect contrast.


I love Publico’s vibe for brunch - the comfy chairs, the spacious and breezy environment and good, hearty food. Pity the pizza oven was not working but because it wasn’t working, we ordered this black truffle eggs dish instead of the truffle pizza. No truffle oil, just shavings of the real thing. Very fragrant, perfectly cooked scrambled eggs. We also had the burrata bruschetta and the eggs diavola and they were excellent as well. A little pricier than the usual brunch locations but you’re paying for the beautiful space (which you won’t be cussed out of!)


Rich, slightly spicy nduja contrasted against creamy burrata on top of tangy sourdough 💯

Squid ink, pistachio pesto, spiced sprout salad. The crispy squid ink shell revealed tender flaky fish. One of my faves of the meal.

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Crunchy winged bean salad with prawns and boiled eggs. This was a lovely spicy salad with so many different textures - soft gooey egg, crunchy beans, springy prawns and a nutty chili paste to round it all off. One of our favorites of the night.

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Decided to try something more interesting and this was definitely something a bit more out of left field. This was a spicy dip of sea water crab roe and crab meat served with fresh vegetables. The salty, rich dip was complex and the slightly bitter veggies were a great accompaniment.

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How have I not visited this place... it’s so close to my office and it costs about $10 for a solid bowl of pho! The soup was light but very tasty, and it seems like there was no MSG used at all since I wasn’t thirsty afterwards. But the true star was that fried spring roll. Definitely not one of those half-filled, airy, stodgy spring rolls - this was served piping hot with a great crunch to it and it was full of delicious filling. #legit

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